Friday 23 March 2018

♬ Sky High (Rock Bottom #2) ♬ Josephine Traynor ♬ Blog Tour ♬

Ive spent my life building my career, only to let it all slip through my hands. I should be sky high, but I couldnt have fallen any further. I have it all, but my vices are about to take it all away from me unless I change.

ARC received for an honest review

My two favourite worlds collide with Sky High - music world and book world!


I have read everything by Ms Traynor to date, and each and every time she gives us another enjoyable story.

Now, I am an old fart and still love 80's music, so the lyrics of Sky High by Jigsaw run through my head every time I think of this book. And they kind of fit at times.

I adore Lily and Baxter's story. From high school to present, we are taken on an often brutal story, but filled with so much hope, and love, and friendship.  With a dose of suspense thrown in for good measure.

I loved getting a snippet of Reece and Madelyn (from Rock Bottom).  It has been a couple of years and I still love me some Reece!

There are great secondary characters, however also some really crappy ones too - not the writing, just what they do!

Beautiful writing, the story flowed and it left me wanting more.

Please don't make me wait too long for  your next story Ms Traynor.



Josephine Traynor is very good at keeping secrets - she’s been a closeted writer for years, but only got brave enough last year to show her writer friend a small chunk of what she’d written. 

She’s a mother of two small boys and only told her husband about her book when it was completed. God knows what he thought she was doing on the computer for all those hours!

Josephine’s a lover of tea and has a thing for all things that smell like vanilla. She loves a good book that makes her laugh and has heaps of character growth. She aims to write books that inspire, cause sore stomach muscles and have memorable characters for all the right reasons. 

Josephine Traynor is not her real name. The pen name is derived from Josephine being her favorite girl's name, and Traynor is inspired by Will Traynor from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. His message from that book was for everyone to be brave in this world and to make their mark. Josephine is now living her dream of bringing her imaginary friends to life and having readers fall in love with them. She’s doing this for her, her dream is to be a published author, what’s yours and go after it.