Tuesday 1 November 2016

★ I SEE YOU ★ Molly McAdams ★

Bianca Janeane

Molly McAdams

• release date:
1 November 2016
352 pages
4 Stars

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Molly McAdams’ powerful new novel offers one of the most memorable love triangles in fiction since Twilightperfect for fans of New Adult fiction like Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, and Tamarra Webber.

Futures are uncertain, unpredictablelike ink spilled across the purest surface. Nearly imperceptible ripples move and flow until a unique stain is formed. The ink is permanently imbedded in the surface

During one wild night in college, Jentry Michaels is a tidal wave of ink that brands Aurora Wilde’s soul. An unparalleled stain she can’t forget despite the many months that have passedand despite the distraction she’d hoped she would find in her new relationship with Declan, the charmer who captured her heart soon after. Jentry has irrevocably touched her soul, and he is intertwined in her present and future in ways she never fathomed. Now Aurora is faced with keeping that night hidden though it feels as if the ink has indelibly etched their story across her skin.

When Declan is confronted with his own personal demons, Aurora must decide if she will continue to hold tight to their relationship and a safe, reliable future with him, or if she will turn to Jentrythe guy she cant forget no matter how hard she tries.

About a year ago Aurora - Rorie - wanted to be wild for one night. She was sick of being the good college girl. And that one night ended up being the most amazing night of her life. She had an unforgettable time with Jay. No more details about names or anything were given, it was just supposed to be one night.
But she never forgot him. Even now that she's so happily living with her boyfriend Declan.

And then suddenly Jay - real name Jentry - is back. And it couldn't be any worse. He's Declan's adopted brother and best friend!!!

How can she live with herself if she doesn't tell Dec about that night? But what should she say? That it has been the most amazing night of her life?
She doesn't want to hurt him. But she also doesn't want to lie to him for the rest of her life....

Another thing on her mind... her future mother-in-law Linda. She's the most horrible and snobby person ever. She's belittling and insulting Rorie every time they see each other - which is pretty often, because mommy dearest has a key to their apartment!!!
What will happen to Rorie and her guys???
Will there be a Happy Ever After??

I'm not telling you that!

No cliffy of course!

WAAAAAAA - what did I do?!?!
Why did I read this book? I HATE love triangles!!!
Someone always gets their heart broken or dies or both....
But I love Molly's books, so I had to read it! ☺
And it was ok!
For my already very confused Bookalzheimer brain it was very confusing at first, because every new chapter takes place in another time: 2 weeks earlier, 1 month earlier, present time, one year ago et cetera. ☺ But you quickly get what's what.
But I still hate love triangles and I never want one of the guys to get hurt. But it has to happen. I like those triangles when one of those guys is a bit mean or horrible. But that's not what happened here.
You're sorry for Declan, because you're always pretty sure that Rorie will end up with Jentry. And you want to fast forward to the end, so that you miss seeing how hurt poor Declan will be.

I will never be a fan of those books, but it wasn't as bad as it could've been. ☺

Jentry and Rorie are so adorable and perfect for each other - it only takes them the whole book to get together :/

If you like love triangles this will be your kind of book.
I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.
I still rate it 4 stars because it's not the book or author's fault that I don't like love triangles!☺

I SEE YOU was a very moving and interesting love story. Run to your nearest amazon to find out how and with whom Rorie will get her Happily Ever After!


Stalking Molly:

Molly McAdams grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband and furry daughter. Her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling and long walks on the beach, which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes. When she's not at work, she can be found hiding out in her bedroom surrounded by her laptop, cell, Kindle and fighting over the TV remote. She has a weakness for crude-humored movies, fried pickles and loves curling up in a fluffy comforter during a thunderstorm...or under one in a bathtub if there are tornados. That way she can pretend they aren't really happening.