Monday 29 February 2016

✪ Lies (Nicki Sosobee #10) ✪ Jade C Jamison ✪

From here on out, the Nicki Sosebee series is getting darker.
Like a dog with a bone, Nicki cannot help but continue to pursue realtor-turned-politician Gina McCafferty as the woman persists in making her play for Winchesters open City Council seat. But Nicki is learning over and over again that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her fair city. Meanwhile, her personal life is topsy-turvy, and a tattoo artist named Hunter makes Nickis life a living hell.
Alliances are tested. Lines are drawn. And events are set in motion that will play out in deadly ways

ARC received from author for an honest review

Wow, can you believe that we are up to #10 already in the Nicki Sosobee series?

We follow on where the last book finished up, so you will need to have read the previous books before Lies.

I would like to think that Nicki and I would be great friends in real life.  She is ballsy, she is smart - but she is also smarting from the demise of her relationship with Sean.

But nothing can keep a good woman down, and even with all the crap that is going on in her life, she is still up-and-at-'em, still trying to sniff out what the deal is with Cecil Montgomery.  Still trying to move on in life, even when at times it seems determined to keep holding her back. 

Enter Hunter Landry - sexy as sin tattoo artist.  I really liked Hunter at first, but as the story progressed.....

As events occur in Lies, Nicki comes out the other side with what may seem like more vulnerability, but is really more strength to her.  Lies took a turn that I was not expecting, but that is all the more reason to love the Nicki series, and Ms Jamison as an author.

Although with that ending, Ms Jamison certainly left me wanting more.

Can't wait to see where the adventures of Nicki Sosobee take us next.

For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more “literary” fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her today—sometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light tales—but most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life. While she doesn’t confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.