Tuesday 24 November 2015

✿ Forbid Me (Good Ol' Boys #2) ✿ M. Robinson ✿ Release Blitz and Review ✿


It was only a matter of time until the truth came out. 

I never thought it would come to this
I tried, God knows I tried to stay away from her but eventually I crossed that line and broke that trust. I could no longer go back and I sure as fuck didnt regret a single moment of it. I knew there would be hell to pay, I knew the wrath Id be facing but I would willingly take the burns and scars just to have the love of my best friend's sister. 

If there is one person Id willingly go to hell and back for it was

Lillian Ryder

Standalone within a series. New Adult Contemporary Romance:
Strong language and sexual content, not intended for readers under 18.

ARC received for an honest review

It has been a couple of days since I finished reading Forbid Me, and it has taken me a while to get my thoughts together to write this review.

If you read Complicate Me, there was a bit of an indication of what this story would be about at the end of it.

But that was nothing compared to what It was and what it made me feel.

Oh the feels.

Jacob and Lily's story has been years in the making. And never easy - especially as Lily is Lucas' little sister, and Jacob is his best friend. To Jacob it is taboo, to Lily, it is none of Lucas' business.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed your very being? Something that you could practically tase on your tongue? Something that was all you thought about, day in and day out?

The feeling so intense that it becomes a part of you. You could feel it under your skin, in your heart, consuming your mind?

Told from dual POV's and in past and present tense, we follow their beautiful but quite brutal story over the span of over 10 years. And every time I thought "yes! The are finally getting there!", Ms Robinson ripped my still beating heart from my chest... again!

This book consumed me, heart and soul. I didn't think that I would ever love any of the Good Ol Boys stories more than Bo and Half-Pint, but M. Robinson knocked it out of the field with Forbid Me.

I laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw my kindle across the room - and I loved every second of it. It was all encompassing, I felt like I was living the story along with the characters.

M. Robinson has knocked it out of the park - again - with Forbid Me, and I just know, from the little bit at the end of this story, that Dylan's story is going to be just as amazing.

“Is that right?” I replied arrogantly, centimeters from her lips. “I don’t know you? Really? What part don’t I know? Maybe I don’t know the way you move your hair to cover the side of your face when you’re nervous. Or maybe I don’t know how you bite your bottom lip when you’re deep into your strings. Or do you mean that I don’t know the way you freak out if it’s too dark in a room and you won’t walk in? Or maybe I don’t know that you bite your
fingernails when you think no one is looking. Oh wait, here’s a good one. I don't know that you're trembling in your skin right now. I don’t know that your heart is beating a million miles a minute, your hands are clammy, and you can’t swallow. How there are hundreds of thoughts going through your mind, but the top one being how bad you want me to kiss you. How bad you want me to fuck you.How bad you want me to claim every fucking inch of your perfect body,” I paused to let my words sink in, and her flushed complexion gave away that everything I was saying was true. 

“You’re right. I don’t know you. I don’t see your gorgeous smile in my sleep. I don’t hear that ridiculous giggle you have when I’m away from you. I don’t see those dark brown eyes every time I close mine.” I leaned in a little closer so she could feel my breath against her lips. “I don’t stroke my cock to the memory of your sweet pussy pulsating down my shaft and the taste of your come dripping down my chin.”

Best Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex!

She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces.
They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.