Thursday 1 October 2015

♬ Secret Confessions: Backstage #5 ♬ Kelly ♬ Shona Husk ♬


An All-Access pass to Sex, Love, and Rock N Roll. Because what happens on tour doesnt always stay on tour

Australia to the World

Chicago. The last stop of their wildly successful US tour sees Australias biggest rock band, The Screaming Tuesdays, in sultry, summer-time Chicago to play two sold-out shows. But the stage is not where the action is, and no one knows what goes on behind the scenes...

Kelly knows what he wants. Hes known from the moment he first saw Jasper. But months have passed and hes done absolutely nothing about it. Now, the tour is on its last legs, and the chance to chase his true feelings is fading fast. Can Kelly face his true desires or will he live with the regret of inaction?

An all-access pass to Sex, Love, and RockN Roll. Because what happens on tour doesnt always stay on tour

 ARC received for an honest review

In this weeks episode we are back focusing on the roadies, in particular Sawyer's cousing Kelly!

This is by far the sweetest novella in the series.  Words cannot explain how much I wanted Kelly to get his man, Jasper.

After months of living it up, taking the perks of working with a rock band, his time with them is coming to an end, and he finally makes that hail Mary pass on the one person he has wanted all along.

Jasper is another roadie who has also been intrigued by the young Aussie, but had not acted due to their age difference.

I LOVED these two! I think these are my favourite pair of the whole series.  I loved how they were with each other, heck I just loved every single thing about them both.

Of all the novellas, I think these are the two that I most wanted to have a full blown relationship - I could handle a whole book about them Ms Husk!

This is a story of Kelly exploring his sexuality, and going all out for what he wants.

Lovers of M/M stories will adore this installment.  The only thing wrong with it for me, was that it was too short!  I wanted more!

This is the first I have read by Shona Husk, but I will be checking more out.