Monday 9 March 2015

✿ Summer With A Star ✿ Merry Farmer ✿


NOW AVAILABLE! A story of expected endings, unexpected beginnings, and second chances: Summer With A Star, a contemporary romance from award-winning author Merry Farmer.


All Tasha Pike has wanted for the past twenty years is to rent Sand Dollar Point for a summer. The grand Victorian on the beach of Summerbury, Maine was the object of her childhood fantasy and her standard of romanceand it was finally happening.

Her dream summer is ruined, however, when she arrives in Summerbury to find that
Hollywood superstar Spencer Ellis has muscled his way into the house instead. His offer that they share Sand Dollar Point is not only infuriatingits insulting.

s a celebrityand one shes determined to hate.

s summer in Maine was supposed to help him get his head screwed on straight. One look at Tasha, however, made that impossible. Shes beautiful. Shes angry. She doesnt care who he is. She doesnt care about his fame. In fact, she doesnt even like him.

s irresistible.

s only got the summer. Shes only got her heart. Theyve only got each other.

ARC received for an honest review

Merry Farmer is a new-to-me author, but the blurb for Summer With A Star drew me in right away.  So the chance to read an advanced copy was a no brainer.

What would you do if the dream holiday you have scrimped and saved for for the past 20 years was ripped away from you without notice?

That is what happens to primary school teacher Tasha Pike when she turns up to her dream summer.  Oh my goodness my heart broke for her when she turned up and someone was in her house!!

Spence Ellis is the man who has ruined her holiday.  Oh, and he is also an uber-famous Hollywood star flashing his cash around to get what he wants.

You just know this is going to be a battle of wills and fun and games between our lovelies.  They are from such different worlds, such different expectations from people, that this can only end in tears, right?

You could feel Spence's guilt roll off the pages when it comes to what has happened with this house - even though at the end of the day he is not the one who did what happened,  it happened for him.  You can also feel the pull he has towards Tasha.

There is that attraction between them that cannot be denied.  I don't know though, I think I would have stayed  mad as hell at Spence for a lot longer than Tasha did.  I mean steam-coming-out-the-ears-temperature-rising mad.

But at the same time I wanted her to give in to Spence and roll with it.

Can Spence keep his anonymity for the summer?  Can he make things up to Tasha?  Can they find love and their HEA?  Nope, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

There are some great secondary characters, especially Jenny and Simon - Tasha and Spence's respective best friends.  Jenny is a force of nature!

Then there is Yvonne, Spence's agent.  I had a love/hate relationship with her.  Even at the end I still had mixed feelings about her.

Oh, and don't get me started on the absent owners of said house. As much as we are supposed to love this old couple that Tasha remembers from her childhood, all I could think was "you a*&eholes!! How could you do that to Tasha?!?" 

I really did enjoy this book.  It is a sweet, angst-free stand alone romance, and I will be reading more in this series as they come out.

 Looking forward to Jenny and Simon's story - Night with A Star - as I need to know more about them!