Monday 16 March 2015

✪ Drawn To Fight: Zac & Evie (Drawn Series) ✪ Lilliana Anderson ✪

New Adult romance, for 18+ only, due to sexual content and adult themes. Can be read as a stand alone.

Drawn to Fight begins a new series in the world of the Drawn Series, following Redemption and featuring, Damien and Etta's daughter, Evie, in her own coming of age drama filled with angst, love, passion, need, and a healthy dose of obsession.

Zac Rivers. A boy no one wanted to know. Always angry. Always fighting his way in and out of trouble. It was no surprise when he was expelled from school and never heard from again.Until now. I found him at the Londonderry Brawl, and I watched him fight like an animal. Strong. Controlled. But desperate. I sensed in him a purpose a need to win and I wanted to know what was so important to him. The way he fought was mesmerising, and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Then, it was over, he'd won and I needed to leave.

He didn't want me to.

When his lips met mine, somehow, he stole my heart, and in that moment, I knew my world was forever changed. I needed to know this boy. I needed to discover all there was to know about him or I'd never be able to breathe again. No one thinks we should be together. They say his bad news.

Well, people say I'm bad news too.

Then, as fate would have it, I was forced to introduce him to my most fierce protector. A man whose past is riddled with secrets and mistakes; a man who fought his way from the darkness and into the light; a man called Damien my father.

My name is Yvonne Rhodes, although, you may prefer to call me Evie. I'm the eldest daughter of Damien and Henrietta Rhodes. Inside me, I have my mothers sense, and my fathers passion.

This is Zac's and my story. It's about needing someone to the point of obsession. It's about losing control, and finding a way to pick up the pieces when everything seems broken.

And it's about love. One that's so strong, nothing can stop it.

 Copy received for an honest review

This is a spin off of Ms Anderson's Drawn series, however you do not have to have read that series to enjoy Drawn To Fight.

In fact, I am calling this Drawn: The Next Generation , as it is about the children of the people of Drawn.

Evie is the daughter of Damien and Etta from Drawn, and while there are similarities between mother and daughter, there is so much different too.  Evie is streetwise to her mother's naivety.  But one this is for sure...

They both love a bad boy.

Zac is the bad boy fighter that Evie can't help but be drawn to.  She has been drawn to him since high school but so much has happened since then.

But nothing stops him wanting her.

There is so much going on behind the scenes with Zac, and OMG my heart ached for him.  This is not your typical NA book with typical high school worries.   This is so, so much more.

This does not romanticise the underground fight movement either.  It shows it is dark and dirty, and the people that run it as such too.  I love UFC and MMA, so the more of this the better.

Ms Anderson writes scenes so that you can practically hear the noise of the crowd, smell the sweat and the blood.

Helps that it is written in the area that I grew up, so I could really picture where things were happening.

This has made me want to go back and read the Drawn series again while I am waiting for the next book.

There are some great secondary characters.  Love all of Evie's family, Zac's family - well for the most part anyway - and need more.

The next book is going to be about Zac's sister Meg and her beau Hugo.