Tuesday 24 February 2015

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• release date: 23 February 2015
The Misses Trilogy #2
• 165 pages
#3 will be out this summer

4.5 Stars


Raquel Adams is Miss Man-Eater. There’s just one problem with this reputationher job as one of the leading actresses on a primetime show is in trouble if she doesn’t clean up her act.

Enter Mr. Spin-doctor himself, Clayton Cox. He can make anyone look amazing, including Raquel.

She doesn’t want to listen.

He won’t put up with her antics.

She can’t resist wanting him.

He doesn’t date his clients.

But they don’t call her Miss Man-Eater for nothing.

Let the games begin.


Raquel is one of the 3 actresses we already met in the previous book: Miss Congeniality.
She's - obviously - the Man-eater of the group. Only she isn't really. Ever since her mom flipped out on her for showing her boobs to a boy when she was 14, she stopped being that girl. She's only had sex twice. But she does nothing to stop all the rumors and the flirting and the being in the press. But her studio needs her reputation to be fixed asap. And that's how Clayton comes into the picture.

Clayton in Hollywood's best spin doctor and he needs all his talents to fix Raquel.
But it's not as easy as it could be - because both are extremely attracted to each other.

Can Clayton keep everything professional? Because a few years ago he didn't keep it professional and it blew up in his face....

What will happen to Raquel & Clayton?
Will the two of them get their HEA?
Will there be a horrible cliffhanger??

NOPE - I'm not telling you ☺

OK, no cliffhanger - but Raquel's sister will get her own book - so we'll probably meet everybody again ☺


I really liked the book. It was almost more of a novella than a full-length Romance. But it was cute. And sexy and adorable and frustrating and the guys...phew...Clayton - and his partner Spencer (who will be the star of the next novella - together with Raquel's sister!)

Miss Man-Eater was a really cute Hollywood Romance.
We get to meet everybody from the first book again and we already meet the couple from the next book ...but that doesn't mean that Raquel and Clayton's story wasn't the main focus here.
They're really cute together - and it's really funny to see how hard Clayton tries to keep everything professional - but of course, in the end - he never stood a chance against this not-so-man-eating beauty.

Something I didn't like all that much - the cover? That's really not how I picture the sweet and sexy Raquel... it looks like the cover for a bad 1982 porn book ☺☺☺

MISS MAN-EATER was a really sexy Hollywood Romance with an amazingly hot Hero! And a not-quite-so-man-eating Heroine!

...and now I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series ☺



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