Sunday 8 February 2015

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Blurb for Treasured Land

On Patrick Griffin’s deathbed, he asks his daughter Brigid to do the unthinkable--leave the Township of Melbourne with a dangerous convict. If she grants his request and risks trekking into the desert with a stranger, she could lose everything she’s come to know. Ultimately, she could end up alone, with nothing but her father’s memory.

After being thrown into jail, Nathaniel O'Connor comes out of the experience bitter and ready to leave the gold rush life well and truly behind him. He is determined to take for himself what he feels Patrick Griffin has stolen from him. The only thing standing between him and his goal is Patrick’s headstrong daughter, Brigid.

Forced to work together, Brigid and Nathaniel embark on the journey of a lifetime. Traveling across the vast, unexplored countryside, they face not only the elements but also a ruthless man driven by shocking greed. Their challenges draw them together, and their experiences could not only change their outlook on life forever but turn their hearts to one another as well.

Sometimes, though, what the heart needs and what the heart wants are two different things. Each has a choice to make, which may result in a loss neither wants, that of a Treasured Land.

Melanie Corona has done it again! Treasured Land is another beautiful, suspenseful historical romance.

Set in gold rush Australia, you are whisked away to the gold fields and land claims of 19th century Victoria and taken on a wonderful ride.

Once I picked it up, I was engulfed in the story of Nathaniel and Brigid and I didn't want to stop reading, and didn't want their story to end.

Ms Corona has a wonderful way with words. The imagery has you feeling like you are there, in the sights, the sounds - and the smells!! of the day. She has woven the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories so seamlessly into Treasured Land.

I thoroughly enjoy Ms Corona's writing style, the story flows well and her characters capture your heart.

She is very quickly becoming a must read author of mine. I am looking forward to what she has for us next

Brigid locked her gaze with his. He couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. She was too mesmerizing at that moment, sitting in the shade, soft pink cheeks, and…nostalgic. She took his breath away.

“I would not have let you live the way we had and would have been angry at Patrick if he brought you out there. I am angry at him because it had come close to that.”

She did smile at him this time. Her pink lips parted, revealing her lovely straight teeth, and his chest swelled, honoured to have been the recipient of it. “Why do you smile, Brigid?”

“Because, Nathaniel, it did nae make a difference anyway. Ye are mad at him now, and I am living somewhat the way he did.”


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