Wednesday 4 June 2014

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Falling in love with your best friend isnt always a great idea, especially when hes Noah Lockton - the sexiest, most famous new talent on the planet. When 21-year-old small-town photographer Chloe Campbell is offered the chance of a lifetime to join her celebrity childhood friend Noah on tour as an exclusive blogger for a New York magazine shes certain both have put what happened four years ago behind them. But his eyes still burn; his voice is still a jackhammer to her heartstrings; all his songs are about her. Is it possible that that night still haunts them both?
The music industry is a machine, spinning hype and rumors as much as his records. Its not just Noahs girlfriends whove got it in for Chloe (theres no stopping the Twitter-obsessed, cat-loving pop-star Courtney Lentini for starters). Pretty soon, the jealousy and media frenzy surrounding these so-called-friends takes a life-changing turn and it seems making love means making enemies at every turn. When tragedy threatens to pull the final curtain on their relationship, both Chloe and Noah must make a choice. As much as this world leaves them starstruck, is living their dream really worth living without each other?
A story of lifelong friendships, love and hope, set in a world of celebrity, fame and social media gone very, very wrong.

 ARC received for an honest review
Who hasn't watched at least one episode of one of those crappy talent shows (can you tell I am a fan?!?) like The Voice, Idol, Blah Blah's Got Talent?
Imagine if your best friend won it?  That's the basis of Before He was Famous, well that and best friends falling in love.
Chloe and Noah have been BFF's since she first burst into his bedroom when they were kids.  Now in their twenties, life and relationships have gotten more complicated, and when Noah wins the big TV extravaganza, things can only get more complicated.
I have never been anywhere near the kind of fame that Noah, and by association Chloe are dragged into, but I am sure that it would not be exaggerating much what goes on behind the scenes.  The manipulation, being the company's "yes man", the paparazzi - none of it is normal!!
There truly were some horrible people in this story.  Fame whores, money men, managers, exes, psychos.  There is a fair dose of all of them in this story.
At first I was not sure I was going to really like either of the MC's.  She is with an absolute loser of a guy, I have no idea why she was ever with him.  And he starts off his story about cheating on his girlfriend.  Both sound like real keepers, right?
But don't let this deter you.  They get better
I did like that the man characters do turn out better, and well developed - they just needed to pull their heads out of their arses and get their sh*t together.  Gah, I wanted to slap the pair of them and tell the to snap out of it!
I did like that they both stayed true to themselves, no matter how people tried to manipulate them.  I am still not sure if I like or dislike Noah's manager - and I felt that his use of British rhyming slang was a bit overdone.  I could understand it, but I am pretty sure American readers would be left thinking "what the heck did he just say??" 
While I did like this story, I just didn't love it.  I felt that it dragged on a little bit in the middle, and when I finished I just felt that it was just lacking something.  Not sure what it was, it just left me feeling a bit flat.
There were a few twists and turns in this story, and maybe just a few too many side stories involved?  I knew where the story was going to end up, it just took a bit to long to get there for me.
But this could just be a case of it's not you, it's me.  
This is the firs work of Ms Wicks that I have read, and it was a pretty enjoyable foray into her writing.
3.75 stars
Let me guess. When you say the name Noah Lockton, you see him standing with one of a hundred guitars around his neck, glistening with sweat in the glare of the stage lights.

You see him grinning, maybe on a pap shot, maybe snapped on a red carpet, smiling at you from the middle of a magazine. You see him in the spotlight; hot in more ways than one, right?

You see shouting headlines, hear the shrieks of infatuated fans, visualize the vacuous presenters buffing up his ego on all those TV channels and him batting away compliments like they're bees. You see bulbs flashing, neon flickering, videos playing on loop everywhere. They're in the gym, on the seatback screens of airplanes; in your Facebook sidebar when you're messaging your friends.

You hear his music, obviously. How could you not? It's everywhere. His voice is everywhere. You know the stats. Noah Lockton. Twenty-three. Five-foot-eleven, messy brown curls and steel-gray eyes. Pisces. You think you know him, this superstar, guitar-playing rock star.

But there are some things you don't know about Noah Lockton.

You don't know how proud he was that time, to have made me a cake out of Lego, mud and toothpaste. How when he was eight, he sat up in the tree house for three whole days after Prairie died. I was freaking out that if the dog fell down from heaven no one else would be as close to the sky to catch him. Noah just didn't want anyone else to see him cry. So we sat up there together, neither of us saying a word. Just holding hands.

You don't know how crazy he made me, teaching me guitar till my fingers bled. How we perfected the art of burping the entire first Britney Spears single together after four cans of Diet Coke and convinced a radio station to put us on air.

You don't know how his arms felt wrapped around me when my world came crashing down; how I clung to the feeling of him inside me, filling me up; bringing me back to life again when all I could feel otherwise was numb.

You don't know how we avoid the subject now.

When we were kids, his dad said his eyes were so shiny in all my photos because of all the stars inside them.

Noah was always going to shine.

He was always going to be mine.

But sometimes even I forget the way things were before he was famous.

Becky Wicks is a HarperCollins author going indie! Itchy feet has led her to live and work all over the world since leaving England at age 21, including NYC, Sydney, Bali, South America and Dubai. Right now shes scribbling the second book in the HotFlush series in Vietnam, and will soon be in Vancouver if any hot Canadian men want to make her a cup of tea?

Becky has also written three funny travel books about her time in Dubai, Bali and South America (HarperCollins). Her first book, Burqalicious - The Dubai Diaries, her second book, Balilicious - The Bali Diaries and her third, Latinalicious -The South America Diaries are out now as ebooks.

Becky has also written a comedy romance with author Sarah Alderson under the name Lola Salt, called The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) which should raise a giggle or two... think Bridget Jones if Jackie Collins had written it!