Friday 7 June 2013

Jill Shalvis - It Had To Be You - Lucky Harbour #7

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Jill Shalvis - IT HAD TO BE YOU - Lucky Harbor 7 - ★★★★★
Just finished my ARC of It had to be you by Jill Shalvis and just like every book in the Lucky Harbor Series I loved book 7.

26-year-old Ali Winters lives in Lucky Harbor, Washington, because for her the town and its people represent the Three S's Stability - Safety - Security. Things she didn't have growing up in a poor town near Seattle, with a mother going from job to job and from boyfriend to boyfriend.
Now she's happy with a job in a flower shop and teaching pottery classes in a retirement home. For the last four months she's been with her hot boyfriend: Teddy. But after she catches him cheating and then breaking up with her via text - she's left sad, angry and homeless. And accused of having stolen Fifty Thousand Dollars from a town charity event that Teddy had organized.

Enter gorgeous Detective Lieutenant Luke Hanover - 30-year-old cop on a 3-week leave from San Francisco because of a job gone wrong. He just wants some peace and quiet and for no reporters to bother him. That's when he comes across the almost naked Ali in his late grandmother's kitchen.
And that's how it starts.
The story is funny, romantic, sexy, 'suspensy', sad & moving. I was happy to see some people again - like Sawyer and Ford and The Geriatric Gang including Lucille - who runs the town's Facebook and Pinterest pages! And we already meet hot and charming firefighter Jack - star of Lucky Harbor book 8!
I can't wait for Jack and Ben's stories.

Thank you Jill Shalvis for giving us Lucky Harbor!

Release Day - May 28, 2013 

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