Sunday 9 June 2013


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Crossfire Series - Book 3

From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognised something from him that I needed.  Something I couldn’t resist.  I also saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside – so much like my own.  I was drawn to it.  I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat.

Entwined With You continues on where Reflected in You finished.

After the death of her abuser Nathan, things should be better for Eva, the fear of running into him, having to look over her shoulder.

But with Gideon’s involvement, and the police investigation into the murder, Gideon and Eva break up, shattering Eva’s heart.

Trying to move on with her life, Eva throws herself into her work and friendship.  But Gideon could never leave Eva, and once he lets her know that he has never left, their public relationship is over, but in private they are falling more and more I love.

I adored the lengths that Gideon went to to be with Eva!

So now the world thinks that Gideon and Eva are apart, the exes make their move, Corinne and Brett both trying to win back their loves.

The love triangle of Cary, Tatiana and Trey is still playing out, and I have to say, I do not like Tatiana!  My heart breaks for Trey as he has to watch the man he loves relationship with her.  It seems to be what Cary needs, but I felt that he really is not happy.  I hope that this relationship gets sorted out!

The growth in characters in this volume of the series was wonderful, yes there is the jealousy and heartache that goes with being in their kind of relationship, but the way Gideon, Eva and even Cary deal with the problems that arise in their lives and relationships was heartwarming.

There were a lot of questions answered in this book, however there are still more to be answered in books 4 and 5.  I just hope the wait is not too long, and the release date does not keep getting moved like it did with Entwined.

And really – who is going to say no to more of Gideon???

5 amazing stars!