Thursday 11 April 2024

🍼 Nine Month Contract 🍼 Amy Daws 🍼

Help Wanted: Grumpy Mountain Man seeks baby momma. Job is an incubator position only. Surrogate must be impervious to grunting in the form of communication and nosey brotherly neighbors. Rustic mountain range housing available upon request.

I wanted to pummel my irritating brothers when they posted their own version of a wanted ad to help me with my life.

But I can’t fault the results once the right woman lands on my lap.
Becoming a single father is not a decision I made lightly. In fact, it’s the biggest decision of my entire life.

Which is why when I interview Trista, I know she’s perfect.

She’s wild, she’s opinionated, she wears cowboy boots. Even my pet goat loves her…
She’s the exact type of person I was holding out for.

And to my great horror, I realize on our first night of attempting this baby making dance…when the lights are low, the cheap wine is flowing, and the home insemination supplies are laid out on the kitchen counter…

I want to do a lot more than just make her my surrogate.

I want to make her mine.
 Copy received from author for an honest review

Amy Daws has given us another sweet, sexy and at times very emotional story with Nine Month Contract.

Now, firstly, I will say that the type of surrogacy involved in this story may not be some people's cup of tea and may feel that it is not the read for them, but to them i say, give it a try, you may end up loving it

And secondly - lordies I adore these Fletcher men.  I may have decided that I am selling up and moving to Colorado!  I have been needing more of these guys since we met Max in Last On The List
And Wyatt and Trista did not disappoint. The grump and the sunshine, they fight their attraction for so long, but as a reader you just want them to stop fighting and go with the flow.

And don't get me started with the banter between the brothers.  They made me laugh as much as they drove me bonkers.

Was great to see Max and Cozy and their family from Last On The List, and I am looking forward to those seeing other Fletcher men to fall.


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