Monday 28 August 2023

πŸ’œ SHATTERED TRUTHS ⛸ H. Hunting πŸ”₯ Lies, Hearts & Truths #3 πŸ’œ

 ⭐ Bianca & Janeane ⭐

• 28 August 2023
• standalone
• #3 in the Lies, Hearts & Truths series
• new adult

• #PUCKED & #ALL IN spin-off
(2nd generation!)

4.95 Stars

The first time I met Winter Marks, I almost took her out with my Jeep.

To be fair, she came out of nowhere.


I flirted with her, and she flipped me off and disappeared into the woods on her bike.

But she left me a souvenir: a single hockey skate.


Seemed to me that divine intervention shouldn’t be ignored.


She was my icy Cinderella and I would be her Prince Not-So-Charming.


Winter was more than just a sassy, badass hockey-playing hottie.

She’s stuck in a prison of a life. And I’m the perfect escape.


Neither of us expected to fall.

Or for the truth to shatter us.

Winter + BJ aka Randall Ballistic

We're back in the world of the Pucked and All In series.
Winter is pretty new in town. She and her parents just moved into grandma's old cottage. Very old and in need of lots of repairs, but it's better than the trailer park.
She dreams of going to college and playing hockey. But both those things cost money that she just doesn't have. She's working at the local bakery and using old second hand skating gear.
Then she meets BJ. He almost ran her over with his rich boy car.
She should hate everything about him. But he's so sweet and flirty and adorable and hot. And he asked her to come to the hockey arena for some skating time - for free!
How can she say no to any of that?!


First... If you're book-weird like I am ... I suggest you read LITTLE LIES & BITTER SWEET HEART first - there's a lot of BJ in there and all the other people are in here too!
And if you're super weird - again like I am - just read Helena's Pucked and All In series too before you get to this 2nd generation series!

I loved BJ's story! We've been waiting for his book since we first met him!
He and Winter come from completely different worlds. Can't get anymore different than those two. BJ has the perfect life. Perfect parents and siblings and friends.
Winter has two parents who kind of checked out of life. Alcohol. Abuse. At least they're still working, but without Winter's help they wouldn't be able to keep a roof over their heads or the power and water bills paid.
Can two people from two such different worlds find a happily ever after together?
We'll see.
I just loved reading this.
We don't get the silly clichΓ© fight or misunderstanding that keeps them apart for ages. It's all so sweet and good and I loved that. Of course we have lots of problems and heartbreaking moments. But Winter has finally found her place, her family with BJ and his group of many people. It's just perfect.
I just love this series. All the people are so great and all have their own 'things' that will make a great book one day!

This was a really great new adult love story.
Not too much drama. Just beautiful and funny and sexy and heartbreaking moments. Full of love and friendship and found family.

I want to see this series on TV one day!

Tiny litte PS. I don't like the cover guy. That is so not how I imagine BJ. No idea why but this guy just looks like he's a 35 year old who is shooting a promo video for a 2002 punk porn movie.
And another thing. I complained about that in the last book too. The hero is always a bit too soft for my tastes. All this CAN I HUG YOU? CAN I KISS YOU? I don't want him to force himself on her - she might have some past abuse problems - but this constant asking is so not sexy.

SHATTERED TRUTHS was a such beautiful + heartbreaking + sweet + sexy New Adult Love Story! Full of love and friendship and found family and ice and hockey and all the good things! I just loved it! Run to your nearest book dealer for your own Winter + BJ - they'll be sold out in no time - and this one is MINE!

ARC receicved for an honest review
Yassss! BJ is back!
When I started this series with Little Lies, I didn't know if they other stories could come close to Lavender and Kody's story.
Ms Hunting did not disappoint.  BJ's story I love from the first word to the last.
BJ and Winter are just... goals.  So different, their lives could not have come from two different backgrounds if they tried, but they are so drawn to each other - and I was all here for it!
I loved the Pucked OGs and the next gen (I am glad there was a family tree included, and I will admit I forgot a lot of who belonged to who) and love the banter between them all.
There were some people in this one that I despised, and I guarantee that you will too.
If you haven't read the first two books (Little Lies and Bitter Sweet Hearts) do it, and get yourself some Ballistic Junior in your life!

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