Tuesday 1 August 2023

💜Chloe (Confessions Series #9) 💜 Ella Frank 💜

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• 31 July 2023
• Book #9 in the Confessions series
• #3 in the Ethan/Zayne/Chloé Trilogy
• MMF Romance

4 Stars

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” ~ Lucille Ball

Stubborn. Sassy. Wild.
Chloé Thornton-Priestley has lived a life most dream of.
One that was nurtured with love, acceptance, and trust.
Raised by three wonderful men, she is free-spirited and
has never let society’s conventions tame her.
Why would she, when she’s seen what beauty can come
from an unconventional love?

Life is good.
She has her family. Her dream job. Her future is going exactly as planned.
The last thing she is looking for is more men in her life.
Her fathers and brother are enough.
So no one is more surprised than Chloé to find out she
has fallen in love with not one, but
two of them.

Ethan Holt and Zayne Copeland are exactly what she wasn’t looking for.
Sexy, possessive, and protective, these two doms make her want to
kneel and submit—something she never would’ve dreamed of in the past.
But one look at the two of them and Chloé knew she was in trouble, and she hasn’t looked away since.

Life has a funny way of knowing exactly what you need—or in Chloé’s case, whom—and now that she’s found them, she plans to never let them go.

Confessions: Chloé is the conclusion of Chloé, Ethan & Zayne's story and should only be read after Confessions: Ethan & Confessions: Zayne.

 Love this conclusion to my second favourite throuple's series.

So many changes in Chloe's life as she takes the next step with Ethan and Zayne.

Full of sweet and spice, with a bite of sorowy, I ran the full gamut of emotions 

It picks up right where Zayne ended, so you will need to have read the other two books (and you will love that you have).
But now I am sad that their story is at an end.
So, for now, Ethan and Zayne say goodbye


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