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• 8 November 2022
 standalone smalltown football dramedy
Strangers in Love #2

4.5 Stars

A masquerade ball brings together an NFL player and a penniless princess in this smart and sexy romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills.

 Level-headed Francesca Lane never thought she’d miss her own wedding. But when her fiancé betrays her, she puts on her wedding dress and ditches the altar for a masquerade ball—at a sex club.

There, she meets NFL star Tuck Avery, dressed as a prince and hiding behind a mask as he celebrates his birthday. For one night, Francesca and Tuck indulge in a wickedly incognito affair. No names. No strings. And the masks don’t come off.

Unfortunately, Francesca soon realizes her prince is the wealthy jock who lives in the penthouse of her apartment building. His hobbies include parties and supermodels—or so the tabloids say. Another shallow jerk is the last thing Francesca needs, so she vows to keep Tuck from recognizing her, not that she’s his type anyway.

 But fate has a teeny-tiny trick up her sleeve…

A plus sign on a pregnancy test.


Can this tormented prince accept love, or will he push his princess away forever?


Princess and the Player is a complete stand-alone romance with nuanced characters and a swoony happily ever after.

Francesca + Tuck

For his 35th birthday his buddies take Tuck to a very private and elegant sex club. Where he kinda saves and already halfway falls for this mysterious girl dressed as a princess in a wedding dress.
They spent some very amazing and sexy hours together but that's it. No names or details were exchanged.
But as it turns out she does know him ... he's a famous football pro and he lives in her building! 
Plus she's also kinda pregnant ... 



I just loved this!
Yes, we've read lots of those accidental pregnancy / football / broken billionaire / orphan romances. But we loved them all and here we get all these tropes in one book. I just loved those two together. Poor Tuck with his sad childhood and his parents which all made him scared of having a real relationship and a family. And poor Francesca with her parent-less childhood and the foster homes and all her exes and ugh. Two broken people who have finally found their forever ever after happy place. But of course it takes them a while to get to that happy end. But the journey to that happily ever after was so adorable and funny and sparky and heartbreaking and sweet and just beautiful.
I so want to see this on tv one day. The building and the friends - just amazing!

I had a tiny little hate-moment when we found out where Francesca works - I hate tattoos and I don't like stories with tattoo artists at all. But she got fired pretty quickly - so that was okay. LOL!

PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER was such a funny + adorable + sexy + heartbreaking accidental pregnancy-football-billionaire et cetera love story! I loved it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own TUCK - this one is MINE!

ARC received via Netgalley for an honest review
Aaah, this one was a bit of a miss for me.

In fact, I nearly DNF'd at around 40%.. and 50%, but i kept going to the end.

I just ... nope.  I liked the beginning, loved that she was a tattoo artist. But then things got contrived, from 40% on it was some kind of a mess.

And I love all these tropes.

I was sad that I didn't like this book, as I loved the first Strangers In Love book.

Sorry IM-M.


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 Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

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