Wednesday 9 November 2022

➳ Hunting Ghislaine ➳ John Sweeney ➳


HUNTING GHISLAINE tells the extraordinary, shocking story of Ghislaine Maxwell, the former partner of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who suffered a tragedy, the death of her father, a war hero, a philanthropist, a good man, in suspicious circumstances. She fled to New York where she made a new life with a brilliant mathematician. Her name is Ghislaine Maxwell and her lover was Jeffrey Epstein. Through Jeffrey, and her family name, Ghislaine became friends with some of the most powerful people on earth, ex-President Bill Clinton and President-to-be Donald Trump and the second son of the Queen of England, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

But this is no fairy tale. HUNTING GHISLAINE sets out the other side of the story, and it's one of the darkest you will ever read.

Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, was a sadist, a war criminal, a monster. His cruelty deformed Ghislaine Maxwell long before she met Jeffrey Epstein. Her one-time lover was convicted for being a paedophile. So Ghislaine's life has been spent serving not one monster but two.

In HUNTING GHISLAINE, legendary investigative journalist John Sweeney uncovers the truth behind
this fairy tale story in reverse.



Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review 

This is not an easy book to read (the content, not the writing). It took me over a week of picking it up and putting it down to get through it.

 I knew Ghislaine Maxwell was a monster, but just how much of a monster I did not know.

This is a heartbreaking, and sickening tale, and I can't help but be so proud of the women who spoke out, who were vilified for so long. I can not even imagine the toll the past 30 years have taken on these now women.

John Sweeney delves behind the media stories to to give us the Ghislaine Maxwell from birth to her incarceration (yay!). And yes, behind the spoiled rich girl, her upbringing was horrible and abusive, and if she had grown to be a different kind of woman you would feel sympathy for her. But that is not who she is and she deserves everything she gets in my opinion.

 However to me he did insert himself a bit too much into the story, giving his thoughts and opinions on things, and at times it (which is all good, but to me it was too often,but this could just be me). 

The more I learn about Maxwell, the more disgusted I am and the sadder I feel for all of her victims.





John Sweeney is one of the most recognisable names in investigative journalism. He has had an award-winning career in both newspapers and television, reporting from trouble spots around the world and annoying the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and the Church of Scientology along the way. He is the author of twelve books and is based in London.