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✨ CRUEL PINK ⭐️ Debra Anastasia 🌸 Stars World #3 💅

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C R U E L  P I N K
Debra Anastasia

• 20 October 2022
• Standalone NA Dramance
Stars World #3
(It can really be read as a standalone, BUT the people from the previous books are in here a lot and Austin was in their books SO much too!)

4.5 Stars

“Maybe everyone fell in love with him as he made his way around the planet.”

CRUEL PINK, an all-new unforgettable New Adult romance from USA Today bestselling author Debra Anastaisa is releasing October 20th!

I’m just a girl, standing here, falling in love with my best friend’s older brother.

Totally kidding. I’ve always been in love with Austin Burathon.

Effortlessly cool. Wears nail polish. Flirts with everyone. When he rescues me in the middle of the night, I see a side of his life that I never knew about.

I thought he had what I didn’t.

Perfect homelife. Supportive parents. And he does, but he’s fighting a war in his apartment.

Austin’s ex-boyfriend, Endgame, takes gaslighting seriously and thinks it defines love. Plus, he’s refusing to move out.

Endgame wears pink when he plans on breaking Austin’s heart – and he does it often!

He may wear pink, but he has me seeing red.

I’m going to protect Austin, any way I can. I’ll do it over and over again, even if it means risking my own heart.

Taylor + Austin

We're back in the Stars world. Remember? Gaze was first and then came Ruffian's story. So if you're as series-reading weird as I am - start with Drowning in Stars because Austin is in the first two books a lot!

We remember Taylor as Teddi's best friend in the previous book. And we also know that she's been in love with Austin her whole life.
And now here's her chance to act on it. Because he saves her from her horrible dorm living situation and he moves her into his room. Into his appartment which he is still sharing with his ex.
Very comfortable situation for all involved.
And that's only the beginning ....

What will happen to Taylor + Austin?
Will there be a HEA?


I wanted a book for him since the first time we met him in Gaze and Pixie's book.
And now here he is.
And it was... amazing. Heartbreaking. Horribly sad and scary but also so very beautiful!
Taylor is so sweet and lovely and adorable with her slightly sad home life and she's so much in love with her best friend's older brother. Nothing could or would ever happen between them, right?
But now she's living with him. Because he saved her. That's what he does. He saves people. That's why his ex is still living with him.
But that is a whole other story.
I kind of wished that Austin would've had two books.
The Endgame era (that's the horrible street name of his ex boyfriend) and the after Endgame era.
Because this book was more Endgame hate/love story than Taylor and Austin love story and that was just not fair to Taylor and her love for Austin. And even for Austin too. He should've ended things way sooner and more final and then he should've gone to get some therapy about the whole thing.
Yes, of course, we'll get that happy end after everything. But. So many buts.
Endgame should've already been moved out once the story begins. He could've still made trouble for everyone. But he was in here too much. Even when he wasn't physically there, he was just way too much in Austin's heart all the time.
And also... the book title and blurb. If I remember correctly there was one tiny scene where Endgame wore pink - the blurb made it sound as if pink was the main character of the book! A bit weird. I think many things were cut before the final edition was sent off to reviewers.

Ugh - this all sounds as if I hated that book - I didn't. I still love Austin and his family so much! But it was just a tiny bit too much of his ex and not enough falling in love with Taylor in the book. It was basically no falling in love with Taylor in the book - at least not that I could really find. I wanted more adorable moments between them.
And the way they talked to each other was so weird too. All the asking if it is okay to kiss her and ugh I don't know. Maybe it wasn't my day for this book today. But I still loved it and I will always love Austin! And the rest of the cast was so amazing too. The dog, Parker, Tinsley et cetera!
PLEASE don't worry about my weird ramblings - read this book!
It's beautiful!

Oh, and if you're extremely weird like I am - I would suggest you first read the Poughkeepsie series and then Mercy - Havoc - Lock - Booty Camp - Drowning in Stars and then Swimming in Sparkles! So many people and mentions cross over here from one book and one series to the next. 😉 
Basically - read all of Debra's books!

Anyway. CRUEL PINK was a beautiful love story. But it was also so much more.

And please Netflix! Come and make amazing things out of Debra's books!

CRUEL PINK was such a beautiful + heartbreaking New Adult love story! I just adored Taylor + Austin! Run to your nearest amazon before they're sold out!!


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Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and writes new adult angst and romantic comedies. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.