Tuesday 26 April 2022

πŸ“š Tarryn Fisher πŸ“š An Honest Lie πŸ“š

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• 26 April 2022
• standalone Thriller

4.25 Stars

“I’m going to kill her. You’d better come if you want to save her.”

Lorraine—“Rainy”—lives at the top of Tiger Mountain. Remote, moody, cloistered in pine trees and fog, it’s a sanctuary, a new life. She can hide from the disturbing past she wants to forget.

If she’s allowed to.

When Rainy reluctantly agrees to a girls’ weekend in Vegas, she’s prepared for an exhausting parade of shots and slot machines. But after a wild night, her friend Braithe doesn’t come back to the hotel room.

And then Rainy gets the text message, sent from Braithe’s phone: someone has her. But Rainy is who they really want, and Rainy knows why.

What follows is a twisted, shocking journey on the knife-edge of life and death. If she wants to save Braithe—and herself—the only way is to step back into the past.

This seething, gut-punch of a thriller can only have sprung from the fiendish brain of Tarryn Fisher, one of the most cunning writers of our time.

A year ago Rainy moved from her artsy Manhattan city life to Washington State to be with her boyfriend Grant.
With Grant came a nice, quiet life on a mountain and a bunch of friends. Even a girl lunch every week - which is not really her thing - but she goes for Grant.
And now they're asking her to join them on their girl trip to Vegas.
But she can't go to Vegas. Never again.
Why? We don't know.
But in the end she'll go - for Grant - and her past and present meet in some very dangerous ways....

What will happen with Rainy?
What happened to her in the desert 20 years ago?

Well, that was... great. I really enjoyed reading it.
But... the blurb is completely ... wrong/misleading.
The kidnapped friend doesn't happen until waay more than half the book is through!
Someone needs to make a better blurb for this story!
Because now I feel that I can't say anything about what happened because nothing about what happens is mentioned in the blurb - only that Braithe disappears. And I'm not even at that point in the book. I'm writing this now that I'm at around the 66% mark!
But still - I really like the story and Rainy.
We so want that happy end for her. But she still has a lot of healing to do - about whatever happened to her as a teenager.
This book is very sad and heartbreaking, but also hopeful and sweet and a bit funny. And we have some very awful people and mysterious and suspensy moments.

We also do this back in time thing that I hate in books. One chapter NOW and the next chapter THEN. I don't know why I don't like that - in the end I always love the books and I love the back in time chapters, but I always groan innerly or out loud when I start a book and it says THEN on the first page. πŸ€”
There were also some tiny plotholes and some wrong ages/times/timelines that bothered me a little.
And some of the writing is a bit weird - as if Tarryn grew up somewhere where they use very different expressions. But that could just be me being a weird reader. 🀣
And then I wanted a tiny bit more epilogue - or even a tiny bit more Grant. Or more relationship. I know this is not a romance - it's more a Women's Fiction Hear Me Roar thingy - but still - a tiny bit more Grant to make him a bit more likable for the reader.

But anyway...
Great cover. Great book. I wouldn't mind seeing this on Netflix one day!

AN HONEST LIE was a heartbreaking and suspensy YA + Adult Women's Fiction Therapy Session kind of book. I loved reading it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Rainy - she'll be sold out in no time!


Stalking Tarryn ...

Tarryn Fisher is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of ten novels. Born a sun hater, she currently makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her children, husband, and psychotic husky. Tarryn writes about villains.
Her heart is dark but she loves you with it anyway. Tarryn is the founder of Guise of the Villain, a fashion blog, and has written twelve published novels. Tarryn is a Slytherin.