Tuesday 12 April 2022

✤ ROYALLY REMEMBERED πŸ‘‘ Emma Chase πŸ‘‘ #Royally6 ✤

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• ROYALLY #4.6 / #6
• 12 April 2022
• a companion novella
5 Stars

The lives of the Wessco royal family have always been extraordinary. Abounding in power and wealth, and marked by moments of soul-searing passion, exquisite love, and tragic loss.

In this collection of short stories, set during the time period of the Royally books and beyond, we explore the moments that helped shape these characters into the irresistible heroes and heroines readers have come to know and cherish.

We meet Prince Nicholas and Henry's parents, Prince Thomas and Lady Calista; we see the struggle to balance family relationships with the demands of the monarchy; and we continue the story of Queen Lenora and Prince Edward, whose deep, abiding love lasts beyond a lifetime.

Royally Remembered is not a standalone--it is a companion novella meant to be read after Royally Screwed, Royally Matched, Royally Endowed, and Royally Yours.

We're back with Emma's Royals. Fans of the series will love this little addition - new fans should start the series with the first book - Royally Screwed!
This is a very short novella - not even a hundred pages! BUT it has eleven amazing little stories - or rather moments - out of our darling royals lives. Moments and scenes we missed in the previous books. Moments that we know must have happened, but we were not there with them. And now we are. And it's absolutely beautiful. And soo very heartbreaking. Ugh - I already cried while reading the first story and basically didn't stop until the end!

This is a perfect little special fan addition thingy for everyone who loves this series and for all new fans too!
(Oh and if you suffer from a strong case of booksalzheimer - like I do - don't worry about not remembering exactly what happened in the books - it'll all come back to you real quick!)
Beautiful cover - beautiful content.
I need a Netflix show about these royals asap!




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New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase writes contemporary romance filled with humor, heat and heart. Her stories are known for their clever banter, hilariously authentic male POVs and sexy, swoon-worthy moments. Emma’s novels have been translated into over twenty languages and published around the world.

Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two misbehaving dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.