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🏈 BEAUTY AND THE BALLER 🏈 Ilsa Madden-Mills 🏈

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• 29 March 2022
 standalone smalltown football dramedy

4.5 Stars

An NFL quarterback turned small-town coach gets sacked by a Texas beauty queen in this swoony, passionate romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills.


Gorgeous, talented, and brilliant, NFL quarterback Ronan Smith has the world in his hands. But after losing his career and his fiancée in a car accident, he falls into a pit of grief and bad choices. When a mysterious girl shows up to his party, he feels drawn to her and makes her hisfor one night.


Former beauty queen Nova Morgan is on a mission. Scantily clad as a princess from a galaxy far, far away, she sneaks into a high-profile party to capture the attention of her favorite quarterback. But her hopes crash after an awful one-night stand.


Fast-forward two years. Broke and desperate, Nova returns home to Blue Belle, Texas, where, by a cosmic twist of fate, her broody neighbor is none other than Ronan, the shiny new football coach everyone adores. But he has no idea who she is.


The booster club keeps shoving women at Ronan to keep him in town. His solution? He proposes fake dating to Nova. But things heat up for real under these Friday-night lights when he realizes she’s the one who slipped away.


Has this jaded beauty found her forever baller, or will his past keep them apart?

Nova and Ronan.

Two and a half years ago Ronan didn't have a good night at his football team's party. He was still grieving his fiancée and his professional football career - both of which he lost in a car accident the year before.
But that night he was dared to have some fun by his best friend Tuck ... and so he spent an amazing night with this mysterious stranger. She was gone the next morning and he was so drunk that he didn't ask her name ... he didn't even remember her face. He might've even called her by his ex-fiancée's name. Whoops.
Now he's living in a small texan town coaching the highschool football team.

Nova is back in her little hometown to take care of her teenaged sister after their mom died. She's also coincidentally living next door to the new highschool football coach - who still doesn't remember her!

And this new neighbor kinda asks her to be his fake girlfriend - because the whole town is trying to find him a wife to make him stay!


This was a sweet and funny and adorable footbally small town love story with some very sad & emotional parts thrown in. I really loved reading this.

I also think that I've read a million sexy and funny & heartbreaking sports romances. BUT - I love those books! I love football and small town romances. And this one was just adorable!
I could've done without the dead fiancée - those things are always a bit too sad and silly for my tastes. But it wasn't too bad here - it's been over three years since she died and they only knew each other nine months before she died - she wasn't his highschool sweetheart or anything like that. But still - they loved each other and it's always weird to root for the new girl.
BUT - I really loved this story. It was so sweet and sunshiney-texasy-smalltownish. I loved the sister and the kids at school and the friends and the pets ...
I need Tuck's story next please!

BEAUTY & THE BALLER was such a funny + adorable + sexy + heartbreaking small town Texas football romance! I loved it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own RONAN - this one is MINE!

ARC received for an honest review
Aaah, Blue Belle - now if that isn't a town name that will give you all sorts of ideas of what is going on.

And if you are thinking small town, football obsessed and everyone in your business, then you are spot on.

Ronan and Nova are each other's one night stand they cannot forget, and when they meet up again, those sparks fly again - though this time it is not the lusty sparks, it is the I kinda hate you vibe.

Add in the small town where everyone is in their business and hijinx ensue.
I mean, the premis of the story is nothing new, I have read many former-sports-star-moves-to-small-town stories, but there was something about Nova and Ronan that I just couldn't stop reading.
Enjoyable small town romance, with fun, laughter and some sadness and frustration (this is aimed at you, Ronan!!).  I wouldn't mind going back to this town for more stories.


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 Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

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