Friday 8 October 2021

♫ Bring Me Home ♫ Nicola Haken ♫


   A tale of friendship, acceptance, and second chances...

Hugo Hayes has it all; the voice, the money, the looks. Adored by fans all over the world, there’s nothing more he could ever wish for. Or so it appears. But no one sees what happens off stage. Nobody knows where he came from, what he goes through, where he’s heading…

Except the girl he left behind. She’ll know. She always did.

Helen Jenkins is starting over. Back on the diet and heading for a career change, it’s time to stop wallowing in the past and give up missing the best friend who traded her in for fame and glory eight years ago. Harder than it sounds when his image and voice seem to follow her wherever she goes…

Harder still when he appears at her front door one rainy spring night.

Hugo is falling. After all these years, will Helen still be prepared to catch him before the inevitable crash? Or has he lost the only home he’s ever known, forever?

*Please note: Recommended for adult readers only. This book contains scenes, language, and references that may pose as a trigger, or be uncomfortable to read, for some people.*



ARC received from author for an honest review

Every time I pick up a Nicola Haken story, I tell myself that this is the time that she isn't going to wreck me.

Nope. I was wrong - again.

Bring Me Home decimated my heart, but Ms Haken also put it back together.

I love a best friends/second chance tale, and Helen and Hugo is one of the best I have read.

Not just the relationship, but also with the way depression and mental illness is depicted.  There is a rawness to Bring Me Home that resonated so much with me.  I have suffered depression for many years, and it is hard to describe to someone else what it feels like.

However I feel Ms Haken has done this so well. I think I cried for about 50% of this book, as Hugo was me. So much me at my worst.

And Ms Haken nailed it in just 3 words.... "depression just... was". Anyone who has depression will know just how true this is. 

Thank you for giving us a realistic, raw story.