Friday 4 December 2020

✪ WHERE WE WENT WRONG ✪ Kelsey Kingsley ✪

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• 4 December 2020
• standalone dramance
• Daisies & Devin Spin-Off
(Devin's Drummer's Son's brother-in-law!)

 4 Stars

Vinnie Marino has lived a hard life.

Between suffering from abandonment, drug addiction, and tragedy, he can't imagine how things could get any worse. Until his father is diagnosed with a terminal disease, giving him only a few months to live.

Vinnie's world is turned completely upside down, and it's becoming harder to keep it together and stay sober.

His only saving grace is the unique and beautiful Andy Bennett. But Andy has a secret, one that could change everything.

Soon, Vinnie begins to wonder ...

Could his only saving grace be his biggest downfall?

We already met Vinnie in the last book. He's a pizza baker in his dad's pizza place in Manhattan.
The mom left the family when the three kids were very small. Vinnie and his brother Zach were a bit lost during their younger years. Drugs, alcohol et cetera. Things are good now though. Zach found his happily ever after with Greyson and their sister is happily married with two kids too.
But now dad is having problems. Health-wise.
Plus there's this nurse who is showing up everywhere ...

Andrea. She's the nurse. She's also different. Bruce Willis movie different if you know what I mean. And I don't mean the Yippie Ka Yay one. ☺

Andrea is super attracted to Vinnie. She's drawn to him for some reason.
But two people with so much difficulties in their life shouldn't be together, right?

We'll see ....
Let the fun and not so fun times begin ...

Welllll. Hehehe.
Uhm. Yup.
There are things in this book that I do not want to read about.
I'm not a religious or spiritual person at all. I hate everything religious.
And even though it's not really religious ... it's still going in that direction.
And I hate that. The moment I first realized it, I wanted to delete the book from my kindle. BUT ... it's a Kelsey Kingsley book. And I've read ALL her books. Plus it's set in the Devlin-Greyson world - which I love. So I read it. And I loved it. I cried a lot. And I rolled my eyes a lot at the things.
But I really liked it.
There were a couple of other kinda hard-limits that I don't want in my books: drugs and a guy hitting a girl! So with all those things you'd think I would've hated the book ... but I didn't.
I loved it.

I could keep on writing about all the things I loved and hated and cried about but I'll just stop here. You need to read it to see if it's for you - it won't be for everyone ... but give it a chance. It's beautiful. And horrible and sad and heartbreaking and a bit silly - but I enjoyed reading it. Finished it in one day!

WHERE WE WENT WRONG was an utterly heartbreaking but so very beautiful love story.
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Vinnie - he'll be sold out in no time! And get some extra boxes of tissues while you're there!


Greyson's book

Greyson's dad's book


Daisies & Devin

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