Tuesday 8 September 2020

✪ El Diablo II ☃ M. Robinson ✪

By M. Robinson
Release Date: September 8


The sins of the father became those of the son. 
Wrath for taking what was precious to me. 
Greed for the lives that were mine to kill. 
Sloth for the destruction against their will.
Lust for revenge and the blood I’d spill. 
Gluttony for the souls I craved. 
Envy for the spirits I had yet to take.  
Pride for the birthright I’d soon fulfill. 

One look. 
One moment. 
One girl. 
She was all it took for me to lose my focus.
Sienna Luciano, my eighth deadly sin. 

It was the end of me, but not my legacy. 
It was only the beginning of...

El Diablo’s resurrection. 

Allow me to introduce myself.

ARC received for an honest review

I have ready everything M. Robinson has released, and Alejandro Martinez has long been a favourite of her men.

When I heard that Cruz Martinez was getting as story, I could. not. wait.

The devil comes back from the dead in this next generation installment.  Not going to lie, I started off hating El Diablo.  I hated the way he treated Cruz so much.

As the story progressed, my heart hurt for Cruz and events that happen.  How could it not when he is thrown into the role of the Devil.

I was all nerves and anxiousness as I turned each page.  If you have read any of M Robinson's previous books, you will know why she is called the Queen of Angst.  She has you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading.

I don't want to give too much away, as I feel that this is a story that you need to go in blind to feel the full effect.

It was great to see Alejandro and Lexi's family all grown up.  The one thing that I didn't remember about El Diablo was how much older he was than Lexi, so I will say that when it is revealed how old he is in this story, I was like woah, really??  That's my terrible bookzheimer's for  you.

Be prepared with a bottle or two of vodka when you are reading.  You are going to need it@

There is great set up for the next book, and now I am impatiently waiting.


Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson loves her readers more than anything! They have given her the title of the ‘Queen of Angst.’ 

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She loves reading and spending time with her family and friends whenever she can.