Tuesday 22 October 2019

★ Cat Johnson ★ KISSING BOOKS ★

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22 October 2019
• Opposites Attract
• Mudville #1
• Coming Soon: Red Hot & Honey Buns
4.75 Stars
Piss off the hot farmer
Find out I'll be living in a funeral home
Meet my new pig Petunia

Day one in my new town proved one thing. I'm screwed.

Welcome to Mudville, home of KISSING BOOKS, a standalone small town, enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, fish out of water romantic comedy with lots of kissing (and other things), a cocky farmer, a sassy misplaced heroine with too many animals, some crazy locals, and a very happy ending for all of them!

Harper is a romance author suffering from writer's block.
Perfect timing, because her great-aunt is vacationing in europe and needs someone to babysit her house in upstate new york.
The perfect place for Harper to find some inspiration.
Maybe in all the animals she suddenly has to care for?
Maybe in the old diaries and papers she finds in the attic?
Maybe in the sexy farmer she saw in the cornfield?
But he's not really all that nice!
Stone doesn't like city folks coming into town and buying up real estate and tearing down historic buildings to build some modern whatnots.
But he's so very intruiged by this beautiful city girl ...

Such an adorable Small-Town-Rom-Com!
I just loved reading this!
Full of hilarious moments and sexy moments and exciting mystery moments and author and animal moments.
I just adored Harper and Stone!
They're perfect for each other - but Harper is only in town until her aunt is back. Right?!
But she's been so inspired since she arrived. And she's also falling for Stone and the animals and her new friends and the whole adorable town.

Great romance! Great cast of people and animals!

And there are lots of brothers and friends left to get their own story!
Can't wait to hear more from Cash, Boone, Red & Bethany!

I also really LOVE the cover - the guy and the colors - totally my kind of thing!☺

And I SO want to eat some corn now!!!!

KISSING BOOKS was an adorable + funny + sweet small town love story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Stone - he'll be sold out in no time - and this one is MINE!

...also, if you're weird like me.... the title. I kinda thought Books was the name of our hero, nope - it's really about books - readable books. Harper is an author of romance - aka kissing books. And some of the prudish town seniors are not fans of 'kissing' in books! LOL!

Why oh why did I take so long to read this book?  It has been sitting here, waiting patiently for me to pull my finger out, and sorry Kissing Books, I should have read it earler!

What an adorable book.  I loves small town books (even though, moving from the burbs to a small town is not what it is cracked up to be - I am talking from first hand knowledge hahah)

I like how Harper comes to town, gets all inspired and riles up the stuffy, puritanical locals (I kind of ruffled a few feathers too when I first moved here !)

I love Stone - I mean, who doesn't love a hot farm boy? Yo can't help but fall for him along with Harper.

There is a bit of a mystery coming into Harper's life too as she looks after her aunt's house.  So many secrets that people are trying to uncover.  What could the town's long dead gossip have been hiding?

But will Harper stay in town, or will she and Stone be a fling?

You will have to read to find out.

I can't wait for Cash and Boone to get their stories.


Pre-Order Books 2+3:

#2 - Red Hot - 28 January 2020

#3 - Honey Buns - 28 April 2020

 It all started in first grade when Cat Johnson won the essay contest at Hawthorne Elementary School and got to ride in the Chief of Police's car in the Memorial Day Parade...and the rest, as they say, is history. As an adult, Cat generally tries to stay out of police cars and is thrilled to be writing for a living. She has been published under a different name in the Young Adult genre, but released her first romance in 2006.

Today, she is a NY Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of contemporary romance and contracted with Kensington and Samhain Publishing. She's also sponsored real live bull riding cowboys.

--from the author's website