Thursday 15 August 2019

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She's 24 years old. Lives in Chicago. Is the daughter of Indian parents.

Her name can be pronounced two ways. One means Pearl in Hindi. The other means fat/chubby. And that about sums up her life. ☺

She's currently at her cousin's engagement party trying to keep her slightly crazy mom and grandma out of trouble.

The upcoming wedding will take the whole family to Greece! On a yacht for two weeks with all of her cousin's new in-law billionaire people!

And that's where it gets even crazier for and with Moti! ☺☺☺

First we have Nikos. Best Man. And according to her mom and a fortune teller ... Moti's future husband.

But then there's also Alex - the yacht's oh-so yummy chef!☺





The book is just like the cover. Colorful. Sunny. Summery. Watery. Fun.

But also so very hilarious and Indian and Greek and so full of food and flirting and arguing and family and wedding stuff and craziness and a bit of coming-of-age ... you just can't help but completely adore everything about Moti's story!

Of course we immediately know that we want Moti to end up with Alex and not Nikos. And Alex is sooo adorable and hot and such a talented chef. He makes the most magical dishes and snacks and he's always there when Moti needs him. Which might be pretty often - she ends up in lots of funny 'situations'!

I adored this book. I loved reading it. I wanted them to be on the yacht for another two weeks - it was so beautiful! It would obviously be soo much more fun if you could read it while sitting by the pool on a yacht with a cocktail and a sexy cocktail-bringer, but pffft - the couch was ok too. ☺

I really hope Netflix is already writing the script for this!

MOTI ON THE WATER was such a beautiful & hilarious love story! Full of sun & food & Greece & family & expectations & hope & dreams & craziness! I just adored it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Yacht-Chef-ALEX - this one is MINE - and I'm realllly hungry!


It was as if the Greek gods had orchestrated a cosmic game, put me in the center of it, and placed bets on what I would do.
This is who you’re supposed to be with,said Zeus and Hera, holding up a marble bust of Nikos. These two head honchos of Greek mythology threw their son off the top of Mount Olympus because they didn’t like the way he looked. You didn’t want to incur their wrath.
Aphrodite, Goddess of love, clapped her hands.Ah, but what you really wantto do right now is kiss Alex, don’t you? You really have to watch this gal pal. It was her husband who’d been thrown off Mount Olympus, so if it’s happily-ever-after that you’re gunning for, proceed with caution.
Always listen to your mother, Hestia piped in. She was the goddess of family and domesticity. She deserved a lot of kudos. Not many of the gods practiced what they preached, but Hestia stuck to her guns, and probably listened to her mother. Hence, she remained a virgin.
Dionysus, the Greek deity of wine and ecstasy, raised his glass. Pffft. Eat, kiss, and be merry! Pirates once seized him, thinking he was too incapacitated to fight back. Dionysus filled their ship with vines and turned them into dolphins. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with a Greek god even when he’s drunk. Also, he gave the kind of advice you could really get on board with.


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