Friday 7 June 2019

✪ Torian (Hunting Her) ✪ Eden Summers ✪

He's my nemesis.
My tormentor.
A notorious criminal with a smoldering smile to mask the devil hidden beneath.

Conniving. Threatening. Brutal.
He stalks me from the shadows.
Makes me itch to place him behind bars.

But he has an offer I can't refuse.
A major risk with the perfect reward.

I can't let down my guard.
Can't be tempted to trust him.

Not even when I begin to understand his corrupt ways.

Because the only face the devil shows is the one he wants you to see.
And all I’m seeing is hunger.


ARC received from author for an honest review.

From the snippets of Torian I have seen in Hunter and Decker, I knew that Cole Torian's story was going to be an intriguing one.

I wasn't sure where this story was going to take us, and I was pleasantly surprised with what was happening (though, with what is happening, I don't think pleasantly is the right word to be using).

Torian and Anissa's story is gritty and full of twists and turns. I wasn't a big fan of Anissa at first - I can't put my finger on exactly what it was, but she did not endear herself to me. However, as the story progressed I warmed up to her a lot more, and by the end of the book I did like her.

Cole - now, I am pretty sure we are supposed to have a love/hate relationship with him, however I didn't go much on the hate side lol. Things he does are not always the best, however as a person I liked him from the get go.  He gets under your skin - and I for one did not want him to get out.

This story had my heart hurting, followed by smiling, with a bit of gut wrenching in between.  I just never knew what emotion I would be feeling from chapter to chapter.

It was great to see Hunt and Decker and their ladies for bits and pieces, and it made me realise how much I needed more of them.

A day later and I am still all "what the hell Summers!" after that ending, and I do hope it means we will get more in the future.

Pretty please with a cherry on top?  I will send vodka!