Thursday 15 November 2018

♂♀♂ T-Bone (Grade A Beefcakes #2) ♂♀♂ Blog Tour ♂♀♂

Tucker Duke is a cattle rancher, but they don't call him T-Bone because of his steaks. 

And Colton Ridge? The two of them will give Ava Wilde a double helping of...big beef.
Remember: With a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin' hot series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

ARC Received for an honest review

This is the second Beefcakes book, however you do not have to have read the first one to enjoy this second installment.

If you have read my review of Sir Loin, you will know that I had my issues with some parts of the story.

But never fear, I did not have such issues with T-Bone.

This is Tucker Duke's story - he's Duke from the first book's brother.  Tucker, Colton and Ava's story is hot hot hot 🔥🔥🔥 I am talking douse me with buckets of water hot!

There wasn't really much of a plot (well, except for getting to the insta-f*&king) and I wanted a bit more substance, I still enjoyed their story.  And I enjoyed it more than the first book.

I can't wait to see where the next book takes us.