Tuesday 28 July 2015

✜ Alex Abbott ✜ Criminal ✜

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• release date 26 July 2015
• 339 pages
3.9 Stars

He was my protector. My savior. He would have done anything for me.

Now he's a criminal, and he's taken everything.

He's my stepbrother and I hate him.

I'm homeless, jobless, desperate. And I had to come crawling back. To him.

Bad enough my college money went to post his bail, now I have to work in the same, seedy bar he deals out of, too, just to get by? And listen to him with girl after girl, night after night, while he walks around all shirtless and sexy during the day?

I'm going crazy--wanting him. I know I shouldn't.

Maybe he was once my Prince Charming, but now he's just a big, tattooed, pierced, cocky prick.

Problem is, even though he cut contact with me two years ago, I couldn't turn off the feeling I had for him. He's back, and my feelings are back too.

Now he's in trouble, with his gang, with the law.

And me... I'm in trouble, too.

Abigail was just about to head to college when her dad and step-mom died.
They left her with lots of debt and not a penny in her college fund - they used that money to bail out her step-brother Kaiden. But Kaiden is also the only family she has left now - the only place she can go to.
So now she lives with him and his nightly hook-ups.
Which would be bad enough to listen to, but then there's also this tiny little secret she kept since she was a teenie.... She's kinda in love with her step-brother.
When she starts working at the bar he hangs out, things get even more complicated. Kaiden doesn't want her to work there - he's somehow criminally involved with the owner.... But Abigail needs the money.

And poor Kaiden - of course he's in love with Abigail too - has been ever since he can remember - but he needs to try everything he can to push her away from him. She deserves better than his criminal ass.

But having her sleeping next door to his bedroom - is just way too close....
Can they stay away from each other?
Do they even have to??



NOPE, I'm not telling you ☺ 

I really liked the book - I finished it in one afternoon.
The story is suspensy and sexy and the characters are very likable☺

But more than liked? NO :((

I have some (lots of) problems with the book  :/
It starts with the writing - the words - it's like she used words from british english and american and maybe that's what happens when you're canadian - no idea - but the book is set in California, so it should be American English. That's another thing - California - I think we don't find out where we are until VERY late into the book - that's a personal hard-limit for me, not knowing where a story is taking place.
Next hard-limit....
Most people probably won't be bothered by all this...I'm just weird that way.
When a book starts with a line that I hate - the book has a hard time making it up to me :/

"Oh Kaiden! Right there! Oh God, I'm going to cum!"

I just personally HATE the word cum. It always makes me feel like I'm watching a cheap porn movie. Just use COME, please.

And then lines like this (WARNING!)

"I want to see your face while you cum on your brother's cock."

"I'm gonna cum in you, little sister.."

UGH - I know it's a step-brother-romance - but please!!!! This is just nasty! Is that the way we want our 22 year old hero to talk?? NO! I realllly don't have anything against dirty talk ... but nope!

I'm giving 3.9 stars and not less because I kinda liked the story - even though the story itself was kinda weird too.
Like the money Kaiden has hidden away in safety deposit boxes? Um yeah - nope - no tiny little criminal can make that much money in three years! Ridiculous.

There wasn't really any story - no backstory at all. There's just weird sex and some tiny little talks about what happened when they were kids, but nothing deep and explanatory.
Maybe with another 150 pages and a good editor, the story could've been great. ☺

But - like I said - 3.9 stars - because I liked Kaiden and Abigail and the story had potential ☺

If you like sexy & suspensy Step-Brother-Romances....
Don't let me influence you in any way - it's all just my weird opinion ☺



Alex Abbott is a former defense attorney who moonlights as an author of romantic suspense and erotic thrillers.

Alex focuses on giving fans tastes of darkness, pushing them to the limits while exploring criminal underbellies, corrupt billionaires, and the women who get wrapped up in events they don’t want to control.

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