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Slash and Burn (Bullet 5)
Jade C. Jamison


Is theirs a match made in heaven...or hell?

Nick Channing, drummer for Fully Automatic, has never taken sex seriously. He
s had fun and met dozens of womenmostly one-night standsand he prefers it that way. From his parents to his friends, hes witnessed love and relationships firsthand and believes women are nothing but a headache.

Nick, Brad, and Val team up again to launch her new band Val Hella. There
s one problem, though: they still need a bassist. They audition dozens of women, trying to find the perfect one and settle on Sabrina, known onstage simply as Sinna, a bad ass metal head whos perfect for the band: pierced, tattooed, dressed in black from head to toe, and she handles her bass with precision. She is a force to be reckoned with and Nick is smitten.

When Nick gets her alone the first time to lay on the charm, he
s met with a coolness hes never experienced. Sabrina is mysterious and thoroughly unimpressed with Nick and his behavior, and thats when he decides he has to have her. As he falls headlong for her, he discovers her secrets, one dark shadow at a time. He thinks she loves him back, but he cant be sure. By the time hes completely down the rabbit hole, his hearts so entangled, he fears he might not be able to save himself. Can she save him or will she wreck him for all time?

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Oh, what a joy it is to be back in the world of Bullet/Fully Automatic!  It feels like it has been so long since we have gotten to spend any real time with them!

Nick Channing is Fully Automatic's drummer, and I have felt that through the other books in the series, he has been in the background.  But not anymore!!

Now also playing with Val's new band, Val Hella (awesome name!) and it is time for him to hang up is "player" boots and settle down with that one woman who can tame him.

Sabrina/Brina/Sinna is just that woman - or so he thinks.  

You know how sometimes you dislike a character at the beginning of the book but absolutely love them by the end?  Yeah, Brina is not one of them for me!  I just wanted to reach into my kindle and bitch slap her from the beginning to the end!! She is a certified grade A bitch! I think I disliked her even more at the end of the book than the beginning!!
 Well played Ms Jamison, well played.

The more we got to know Nick the more I adored him.  Yeah he has the man-whore player reputation, but he is the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.  He absolutely loves Brad/Ethan and Val's kids,  Would do anything for his friends.  Adores his best friend Gracie.

There are a couple of things happening in the background with Val and Brad, which you will already know about if  you have read Christmas Stalkings, but if you haven't, you should to get the whole picture.

Ms Jamison has a way that draws you into the world of her books.  You can feel the music, hear the crowds, feel every emotion her character is feelings.  At times I think I felt it even worse than they did!  

And that is what I love about her writing.  No matter which book of hers I am reading, I do feel that emotional attachment.

I don't want to say too much, but I just have to say that I felt that things ended up the way they always should have and would have.  I just wanted more more more!

Now I just need to know more about Zane!



What tricks you got, babycakes?

Brinas voice was low, almost derisive.  I dont need tricks.  My playing speaks for itself.

He couldnt let that one go.  Yeah, and how many personal fans do you have, Sinna?

She sneeredactually sneeredand, for some strange reason, Nick felt a twitch in his cock at the sight.  He stopped himself from bursting into laughter, because that would have made her angrier.  While he didnt mind her angry, he hoped to be able to enjoy a real conversation.  She took two steps closer to him and said, I dont count how many personal fans I have, if I even have any.  Its not about me, Nick, any more than its about you.  Her voice wrapped around his name like honey, but it oozed disgust.  He still wasnt sure if he found it hot or not.  She continued, not giving him a chance to evaluate his emotions.  Its about us as a group, as a band, and until we gel, there will be division, and if were not cohesive, what the hell kind of music are we gonna make?

I see your point, but I have a counterpoint.  If you are all about the band and dont give a shit about yourself, then wheres your pride?  Your personal responsibility?  He stood up.  Hed been joking before, but now he was dead serious.  Some small part of himself felt like she might be questioning his integrity, and that pissed him off.  When you fuck up onstageand you willwill you blame all of us?  Were a band, after all.  He couldnt help the tone in his voice.  There would be no way for her to mistake how irritated he was becoming.  It had been cute before, but now she was pushing some button that set him off.  He wasnt sure if he was angrier with her for pissing him off or himself for getting mad at her in the first place.

She rolled her eyes.  Oh, come on, Nick.  You know thats not what I meant.  She got closer to him.

He closed the gap, so close that their noses almost touched.  How the fuck should I know that?  His eyes searched hers, trying to decide if she was wanting to start a war.  But then, as he continued looking back and forth between those blue orbs, he saw them soften ever so slightly.  He let his jaw relax a little then, but he still couldnt quite read her.

Her words, however, were still acerbic.  Because youre a smart fucking guy.  She cocked an eyebrow again.  He couldnt decide if he fucking loved the way she did that or if it was just another irritant.  Or so I thought.

Nick tried once more to assess her and fell short.  He could feel some kind of weird electricity sparking between them.  At first, hed thought it was the anger, but then he realized that maybe there was something more.  He moved his head a few centimeters closer and she didnt budge.  His voice was barely a whisper when he said, I am a smart fucking guy.  Im so goddamned smart that I figured out what this is all about.

She furrowed her previously cocked brow, but he barely saw it as he brought his mouth down on hers.  He knew that had to be the issue at handthe sexual attraction between them both was interfering with their ability to communicate.  It was making them angry, accusatory, and they werent acting like bandmates or even acquaintances.  They were spitting at each other like they were mortal enemies.  That might have been okay, but Nick definitely had other ideas about which way their relationship was heading.

He heard her mumble, What the?  Then he expected her to fight, based on her initial stance, but she let go and gave in, kissing him back.

It was an incredible explosion in his head, the sparks he felt because of the way their tongues danced together and the warmth of her body close to his.  Feeling more in control then, he slid his hands around her waist and pulled her close

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Author Bio

For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more literary fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her todaysometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light talesbut most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life.  While she doesnt confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.