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✪ The Prince ✪ Sylvain Reynard ✪ Gabriel Series 3.5 & Florentine Series 0.5 ✪

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• release day: 20 January 2015
Gabriel Series 3.5 & The Florentine 0.5

• Book #1 THE RAVEN will be out February 3rd

Set in the city of Florence, “The Prince” is a prequel novella to “The Raven,” which is the first book in the new Florentine Series Trilogy by Sylvain Reynard.

“The Prince” can be read as a standalone but readers of The Gabriel Series may be curious about the connection between The Professor’s world and the dark, secret underworld of “The Prince.”

4.9 Stars

The unveiling of a set of priceless illustrations of Dantes Divine Comedy at the Uffizi Gallery exposes the unsuspecting Professor Gabriel Emerson and his beloved wife, Julianne, to a mysterious and dangerous enemy.

Unbeknownst to the Professor, the illustrations he secretly acquired years ago were stolen a century earlier from the ruler of Florence
s underworld. Now one of the most dangerous beings in Italy is determined to reclaim his prized artwork and exact revenge on the Emersons, but not before he uncovers something disturbing about Julianne

Florence, Italy

The Prince novella connects our beloved Gabriel Series with Sylvain's brand new Florentine Series.

The Prince is a Vampire. An about 800 year old Vampire who rules the city of Florence.
(Every italian city is ruled by a Prince - and then there's an italian King too...but we will learn about all that and more in The Prince & The Raven)

How are the non-paranormal Professor Emerson and his wife connected to the Vampire Prince, you ask?
Remember Gabriel's beloved Botticelli illustrations? He just gave them to the Uffizi museum for a showing. But the Prince... he wants them. Because they have been stolen from him over a hundret years ago.
And he hates Gabriel for possessing them. Enough to want to kill him.
But fortunately for the Emersons, the Prince is disturbed in this goal by a group of enemy Vampires who are trying to kill him.
Now with his little Princedom in danger, he has to do everything he can, and call to help all his council-members, to find out who wants him dead - well - deader than he already is.

What will happen to The Prince?
Who wants him dead?
What will happen to Gabriel & Julianne?
Especially to Julianne? What has the Prince discovered about her?
Will everybody die at the end? o.O
Or will there be a horrible Cliffhanger?

I'm not telling you that of course ☺

I don't want to spoil too much ☺

well, there's not really a Cliffhanger - The Raven is set two years after The Prince and we will see how the story goes on ☺

Great start to a new series!!!

I'm not really a fan of the supernatural stuff. Ok, I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood - and in comparison The Prince fell a tiny little bit flat for me. But only because it's so different....that's totally my fault - Sylvain has this extremely different writing style and even though it's both about Vampires, The Prince is something completely different.

I loooved how we meet our beloved Professor again.
And I really can't wait to read THE RAVEN, because we need to know sooo much more about our Vampire Prince and we especially need him to have a love interest - and I hope that Raven Wood will take over that part in THE RAVEN ☺ That was the part that I missed the most in here - that The Prince didn't yet meet Raven in this novella.

But the way Sylvain writes and explains everything, and the beautiful background of Florence... The Prince was really very interesting and suspensy and even sexy: Gabriel & Julianne ☺

Now I can't wait for THE RAVEN to come out, because I have to know if and how Raven Wood will 'tame' our Prince ☺ And what will happen with the Emersons.

If you loved THE GABERIEL SERIES and EVEn if you're not a fan of vampires - you need to read this Florentine Series introduction novella - because then you won't be able to wait for 'the Raven' to come out too  

I can totally see this series as a TV show - set in this beautiful city, with sexy Professors & Vampires - #BringItOnKevinWilliamson

ARC received for an honest review

I was curious as to how The Florentine series was going to fit in with Gabriel's series, but as I read I could see where their stories were already starting to interweave during the Gabriel's series.

We have already kinda-sorta met the Prince.  Remember Gabriel's Botticelli drawings? Remember the weird guy at the Uffizi following/staring at Gabrielle and Julieanne?    Yeah, that guy was him, and therein lies their connection

I am not a huuuuge supernatural/paranormal reader - I read some but it is not my favourite genre. The vampire Prince and his minions/followers are not that vampirey though. 

I did enjoy this crossover.  It is always hard to join two series together seamlessly, and especially in a novella where there is a lot of information to fit in a small book, but I feel the Sylvain Reynard has done this with The Prince. 

Of course our darlings Gabriel and Julieanne are sexy and hot and sooo in love that you get drawn right back into their world

I am now very much looking forward to reading The Raven.  There are things I need to know.  What does The Prince know about Julieanne?  What will he do with Gabriel?

The imagery, as always with Reynard's writing, is amazing.  I could imagine myself in the piazza, looking over the skyline of Florence.

I am glad that we don't have long to wait for The Raven, as I feel that Raven Wood is going to really shake things up in The Prince's world

Oh, and I liked the handy glossary at the end of the book - especially helped with the pronunciation of those celtic names!


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