Thursday 11 July 2024

πŸ’œ IF YOU WANT ME ⛸ Helena Hunting πŸ”₯ Toronto Terror #2 πŸ’œ

 ⭐ Bianca & Janeane ⭐

• 11 July 2024
• standalone
• #2 in the Toronto Terror series

4.5 Stars

A brand new dad's best friend, friends to lovers, age gap hockey romance.

There’s no one more off limits than my best friend’s daughter.

Peggy Aurora Hammerstein. The Toronto Terror’s unofficial team princess. I would never do anything to mess with our team dynamics this late into the hockey season, but seeing her work in the front office changed something for me.

I see her as she is now: a powerful woman with ambition for miles.

When I hold her against me, she fits perfectly.

Her little flirts and taunts push my buttons, if she doesn’t stop
my control just might break.

But I can never cross that line. I can never know what it could be to call her mine.

I’ve never wanted anyone more than Aurora and no one can ever know.

*This is Hollis Hendrix's standalone novel. If you want to meet Hollis before you read this book, check out If You Hate Me, Rix and Tristan's story.

Aurora + Hollis

Hammer aka Peggy aka Aurora aka Princess is the almost 21 year old daughter of Hollis's best buddy and teammate Roman Hammerstein.
And she's always been Roman's kid, but after she interned at the team's offices last season Hollis has started seeing her as a super interesting, hot young woman. But she's still his best friend's daughter. That can never happen. Right?



I don't like Hockey romances and I don't like too age gappy age gap romances. And this book has both. Oh and cats. I'm a dog person. But Hollis was really cute with his cats!
But - this was a Helena Hunting romance - so I had to read it.
And I love the whole friends/players group in this series.
This was a cute romance. I hated that they kept things a secret from Roman - but of course he always told his daugher: never date a hockey player!
It was cute and funny and sweet and adorable and sparky and sexy and a bit immature and heartbreaking at times. But I really liked reading this. I just wanted her to be a few years older or him to be a bit younger.
But it was a cute romance and now I can't wait to get Dallas and Hemi's book!

Oh - tiny confused-reader side note. Every chapter has the name of the person talking on top. But I never knew who was what. It always said Hammer or Hollis. But Hammer aka Peggy aka Aurora aka Princess has so many names in this book that I never knew who was talking! But that's just a ME thing!

IF YOU WANT ME was a sweet + funny + erotic 12+ year age gap - daddy's best friend hockey Love Story! Run to your nearest book dealer for your own Hollis - this one is mine.
(Even though our age gap would be just the same only in reverse! LOL!)

A new set of Helena Hunting hockey hotties? Yes please!
Dad's team mate slash best friend? Yes PLEASE!
If you have read my review of If You Hate Me, you will know that I had my issues with Tristan and Rix, and I was hoping beyond hope that I didn't have them with Hammer and Hollis.
My only issue this time was whyyyy did they keep it all a secret for so long (and why did he have to be a cat person when I am a dog gal lol)
Yes, there is an age difference, which doesn't really bother me.  But sometimes, not just Hammer but Hollis too came across as a bit immature - but I got over it, because Hollis was amazing.
I love the Badass Babes - every girl needs a girl squad like them. But the romance I liked more than Hammer and Hollis was the bromance between Hollis and Roman (Hammer's dad). Seriously loved them so much
I enjoyed the extended family that the Terror has created, even though they are becoming a bit incestuous the way they are all partnering up haha.
I am looking forward to Hemi and Dallas' booking coming up next, but I really need Flip's story.


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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.