Thursday 20 June 2024

🐢 Dirty Laundry 🐢 Jennifer Ryder 🐢

Celebrity dog trainer Prudence Cassidy never imagined her life would be like this. Filming in Hollywood went haywire when she caught the charismatic Mr Hollywood’s eye—but Prue doesn’t have room in her life for complications. She’s still recovering from retrograde amnesia so she flees to Robertson, home of the ‘Big Potato’ in country Australia, determined to start anew.

For Darius Dalton, family comes first. Always. His architectural dreams can wait while he tends bar in the family restaurant in Robertson, dazzling patrons with his cocktails whilst maintaining the complex he built with his late father. Day in, day out, work is all he sees—until Prue.

When she moves into his apartment building, Darius falls head over paw for the animal-loving brunette—and it seems she feels the same way. Their chemistry is undeniable. The more time they spend together, the more Darius questions if he can have it all: a life outside of work, and love.

When Mr Hollywood himself comes to town, intent on winning her back and casting her simple life in the spotlight, who will Prue choose?

That’s the thing about the past—your dirty laundry will always find you.




Copy received for an honest review

When celebrity dog trainer heads back home to Australia, leaving behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the last thing she expects to find is love.

But the sparks don't just fly, they set fire to everything around them when she meets Darius.

 Add in puppers and pets and Ryder had me hooked. 

Both Prudence and Darius are dealing with crap from their pasts, and together they can be perfect for each other, right?

But the road to true love is never smooth, and our lovelies have their fair share of rocks in that road, but you can't help but be cheerleaders as they make their way forward in life.

I love the small town vibe of the story, and knowing the town where Dirty Laundry is set really helped me fall in love with the town and the characters - and there is some fantasic secondary characters - but you don't need to know the town to love it.

I would not say no to returning to this series and these characters in the future.