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🌸 THE NIGHT BLOSSOMS ⭐ Leylah Attar πŸ–€ Paper Swan World #2 🌸

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• 28 July 2022
• Standalone ... but
• Book #2 in the Paper Swan World
(we already met Rafael in the first book!)

4.8 Stars

New York Times bestselling author Leylah Attar returns with a page-turning romantic suspense that careens down an emotional highway toward a chilling finale. Dark, thrilling, and ingeniously unpredictable.

“Do you ever really know someone, or do you just know the parts they want you to see?”

When her husband goes missing after a heated argument, Vee Roza finds herself caught in a dangerous web of deceit.

Not only must Vee clear her name and uncover the truth about Rafael, but also survive a high-risk pregnancy while guarding secrets of her own.

Is Rafael’s disappearance the ultimate betrayal or the ultimate sacrifice?

A full-length standalone based on a favorite side-character from the New York Times bestseller, The Paper Swan.

Vee + Rafael

If you haven't yet read The Paper Swan you need to run to your nearest amazon and get it. You really should read it before starting this book. It is possible to read this second book as a standalone, but Rafael is in Damian's book so much! Please read it first!

Okay ... The Night Blossoms.
We all remember Rafael's story from the first book. But of course we only got a few quick details. And now we get more. So much more.
We go back between the past and present a lot. 
And we hear all about Rafael's loves as well. There's his wife Vee in the present. There's his childhood sweetheart Lina. And then there's Raven - connected to cartel business and student & flower girl Yvette. *fingeronchinconfusedlook*
(I'm tempted to walk to a jukebox and play the song To All The Girls I've Loved Before here - but I'm sure all is not really like it seems with those ladies... considering how things were in The Paper Swan, right?)
And then there's the fact that Rafael kind of disappeared in the present time and his wife is trying to find out what happened. While also trying to prove that she's not guilty of any crime to the police.
Plus there's a lot more in our darlings' lives to worry and be scared about....

What will happen with Rafael and his ladies??
Will we get our happily ever after??

I did a Paper Swan re-read before starting this and I'm really glad I did. You don't really have to, but why the heck not? :D But please do.
Like I said we go back in time a lot to different places in Rafael's life. I might even go so far as saying that it was a tiny bit too much - it's a bit confusing at times. For some people - not for me of course. LOL!
Rafael's story looks very complicated and confusing if you don't pay attention.
We basically know what happened to him in his life up to this point - but we missed so much too. His love-life for example.
And that's quite a life. LOL!
This book was so mysterious and sad and heartbreaking!
We have this darkish, hopeless mood through most scenes and that's what scared me a bit. I wanted that happy end asap, but of course that's not how books work.
It takes us a long while to sort through all those mysteries and dangers and heartbreaks and whatnots ... never knowing if we'll get there at all. It doesn't look very promising at times.
But through all those confusing and mysterious and dangerous and heartbreaking moments... this book was such a beautiful love and life story.
I wouldn't have minded a hundred more pages of romance moments. Of falling-in-love moments and sweet and cute couple moments. Those got a bit lost with all the other lady moments and university-talk moments.
But still - I loved reading this story so much!
And I wouldn't mind if this Paper Swan/Night Blossoms world would end up on Netflix one day soon!

THE NIGHT BLOSSOMS was such a beautiful love story!
So full of Mystery. Danger. Heartbreak. All the things!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Rafael - this one is MINE!


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Leylah Attar is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance and women's fiction. A recipient of the Writer's Digest Award (for Moti on the Water) and the Indie Reader Discovery Award (for Mists of The Serengeti), Leylah writes unique, emotionally compelling stories that range from rom-com to dark romantic suspense.