Tuesday 6 October 2020

✪ Body of Trust ✪ Jeannine Colette ✪



In the dark, winding hills overlooking the New York Harbor lay the city’s most exclusive club. A mansion that offered a glimpse back to the days when the mob had ruled New York. 

I took my seat at the bar and flirted with the man behind it—the one who made me weak in the knees yet kept his personal life a veiled secret. 

It started off like any other, except, that night, Jesse Grant and I shared a moment. 

And then all hell broke loose. 

As gunfire rained down, I fell to the floor in fear, only to be shielded by a man who was risking his own life to save mine.

Jesse led me away from danger that night. While traipsing through the underground tunnels of the city, I learned my family wasn’t who I’d thought they were and no one could be trusted … including Jesse.

He devoured my body and stole my heart. Then, he left in the shadows of the night, leaving me to wonder if he was really who he had said he was.

Discovering dark secrets, intense attraction, and a plot where everyone’s life was on the line … my once-boring life morphed into that of a crime drama.

And there was only one man I was willing to give my trust to. I just prayed that he was worth the risk.

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 ARC received for an honest review

I vacillated between 3 and 4 stars for this read, so 3.5 it is.

I did enjoy our lovelies story once I got into it, however I did find that it was not holding my full attention and it did take me a few days to finish it. That is probably just going to be a me problem.

To me, Body of Trust was like a Mafia-Lite story. I have read and loved many mafia books these past few years, and they were darker and grittier than what I felt reading Body of Trust.

To me, I did like the romantic parts of the story, but it did not feel that suspenseful. I pretty much guessed what the leading man was up to in the first chapter or so. And to me I felt our leading lady was just a bit too naive about her family and the business they were in. And as for her mother - gah I just wanted to scream at her.

She did grow on me in the end though and her strengths did shine through.

I know it makes it sound like I didn't like this book, however that would be wrong. I did enjoy it in the end and was happy with where our lovelies ended up.