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✪ THE RICH BOY ✪ Kylie Scott ✪ #BlogTour #Excerpt ✪

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• 9 March 2020
• standalone romance
• Cover Model: Chase Mattson

5 Stars!

I’m the type of girl who’s given up on fairy tales. So when Beck the hot new busboy at work starts flirting with me, I know better than to get my hopes up. Happily ever afters arent for the average. I learned that the hard way.

But how can I be expected to resist a man who can quote Austen, loves making me laugh, and seems to be everything hot and good in this world?

Only there’s so much more to him than that.
Billionaire playboy? Check.
Troubled soul? Check.
The owner of my heart, the man I’ve moved halfway across the country to be with, who’s laying the world at my feet in order to convince me to never leave? Check. Check. Check.

But nobody does complicated like the one percent.

This is not your everyday rags-to-riches, knight-in-shining armor whisking the poor girl off her feet kind of story. No, this is much messier.

Alice is working as a waitress at a bar in Santa Monica while trying to decide what to do with her somewhat useless English Lit degree.
Enter Beck. It's his first night working at the bar and he's super-attracted to Alice - so much that he's already picked out the wedding flowers and the font for the invitations! LOL!
Alice is not really sure if she should give in to his über-flirting. But he's so sweet and insisting and hot and funny and adorable and hot!
Fast forward a few days - of dating and talking and taking things slow - Beck is called back home to Denver.
And we're coming too! Because he's asking and nothing much keeps us in California anyway.

Let the fun times begin - because this hot, mysterious guy is more or less Colorado's most eligible billionaire bachelor and his family ... is ... A LOT! ☺

What will happen with Alice & Beck??



Aww, that was sweet!!!!

It starts as this super adorable and funny and sparky flirt-fest in Santa Monica.
And then we're in Denver amidst billionaires and jealous exes and mean grandmas and crazy and funny siblings and closets full of designer stuff and business decisions and questions about the future! Such a fun story!
I loved reading this.
Beck and Alice are soo adorable.
It feels a bit über-insta with how hard Beck tries to win her over. As if he already knew her from a previous life or from a dream and he just knows that this is his happily ever after person. But not in a bad way. It was just all so mega adorable.
A really sweet slow-burn-fairy-talish love story. But through all that slow-burn-ish-ness we still have so many amazingly flirty and sparky and sexy moments! I just loved this book.
I loved how Alice tried to find her place in this rich people world. I loved the siblings and friends. Great cast of people!

I didn't like grandma one bit - a great grandma would've made this story even better!
And Beck was a tiny little bit too softish/insecure. I loooved him, but he was such a sad and lost little rich boy sometimes - it was a bit much.
And the slow-burn thing. It was a bit too much. A little more sexiness earlier would've been better.

BUT - I just adored this book!
I so wouldn't mind seeing this on Netflix one day!


“You haven’t told me your story,” he says once we’re seated in a booth and have ordered.
“I finished my degree and realized it was basically good for nothing and there were next to no jobs available anyway. Or at least nothing that appealed. Teachers and librarians are fighting for every scrap of funding they can get while newspapers are folding. The publishing industry is going through serious cutbacks. Majoring in English Lit may have been a mistake.” I shrug. Truth is, I got stuck for various reasons. But this explanation is easier to swallow. “Figured if I was going to wind up serving then I’d like to do it somewhere I can walk along the beach now and then, without getting stuck in traffic for hours.”
He nods. “Makes sense.”
“I thought so. I’ll figure out what I want to do with my life eventually.”
“No rush. Good that you can take the time and space to figure things out for yourself without anyone pressuring you.”
“Just the student loans hanging over my head,” I say.
His answering smile is brief and small. “Grow up around here?”
“Close enough, San Bernardino,” I say. “What about you?”
“No, I’m half a country away from home and intend to keep it that way. Though maybe half a country away is still too close. I hear Iceland’s nice this time of year.”
I raise my brows in question.
“Family.” He shrugs. “What can you do?”
The waitress delivers our food, filling up the table with Beck’s order of half of the breakfast menu. Without hesitation, he proceeds to devour it all. If I ate that much, my ass wouldn’t fit in the seat.
“Want some?” He offers me a forkful of pancake, dripping with syrup. “It’s good.”
“I’m fine with my burger. Thanks.” And I’m curious as heck about his family, but pressing him further wouldn’t be polite. Dammit.
“So what are my future wife’s favorite hobbies and or interests?”
“Hmm.” I stick a fry in my mouth and chew, thinking it over. “Reading, films, music…the usual. You?”
“Lots of things.”
“Such as?”
“I don’t know…hiking, rock climbing. Stuff like that.”
“So basically I like to sit still and you’re all about being busy and athletic. We have nothing in common.”
“No. Wait. I can change,” he jokes. “Give me another chance.”
“You shouldn’t have to change.” I swirl another fry in some ketchup. “I’m sure you’re perfectly fine just as you are.”


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Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.