Friday 6 April 2018

✪ Havoc ✪ Debra Anastasia ✪

I named myself. I took the word Animal out of their mouths, wore it like a badge of honor then shoved it down their throats. Ive fought for what I have. I see you coming, before you even know you want a piece of me. In a city riddled with warring families, Ill rise up between them. My people, the broken souls I gather will have power by the time Im done with them.

I protect mine.

Him. My brother, Nix.

Her. The girl that is the only home Ive ever had. She knows me.

Im coming at you, Sweetness. Stay ready.

ARC received for an honest review


I have been wanting Animal's book since we met him in Mercy - and here he is!

It is a stand alone, however you will revisit characters from Mercy so you might like to read it first?

Animal and T's story is heartbreaking, Our lovelies are both emotionally broken, and even apart they are looking out for each other.

The first half of this book is exceptional.  I couldn't put it down, I wanted to throw my kindle to the side, asking out "why?".  Animal and T are so strong and I just want to hug them both, make it all go away.

The middle fell away a little for me.  I wanted to nut punch Animal, and I wanted to slap some sense into T, tell her to run run run as fast as she can.  Their love is a bit toxic at times, and the way Animal treats T with so little respect makes me hate him a little.

It did come back together for me towards the end again though, and I really enjoyed where they ended up.

Gut wrenching, heart breaking, yet full of hope - that's what Havoc felt like to me.

Now I need Ember (Nix's sister) and her story. Please don't make me wait too long Ms Anastasia.