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Disclaimer: The authors cannot be held liable for any smiles that are cracked while reading this book, as well as, any of the following side effects that may occur: Uncontrollable laughter, chronic swooning, and an addiction to Quinn Bailey that may require an admission into the *Max Monroe Rehab Facility.
Disclaimer for the disclaimer: *Rehab facility does not exist, but incessant re-reading of this book will most likely be unavoidable. Once you play with Quinn Bailey, you won’t want to play with anyone else.

• 30 January 2018
• Book #1 in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series

• connected standalone
(Bad Boy Billionaire Series Spin-Off!)

5 Stars

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a new four book series of Romantic Comedy standalones.

Wildcat: a football formation in which the ball is snapped, not to the quarterback, but to another player lined up in the quarterback position.

Wild, Cat: a beautiful woman from the sky, who hooked me against the rails, and has me on the ropes. Sweet like honey, with a hint of sass burning behind her pretty brown eyes, she took over my heart without warning.

I’m Quinn Bailey, quarterback for the New York Mavericks.
Sports analysts predicted I’d break records and take my team all the way.

But no one predicted this.

And just like the other team, I never saw it coming.


Things this book is:

Romantic Comedy
#1 in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series
Can be read as a complete standalone.

Things it isn’t:

Paranormal: The only thing magical is inside Quinn Bailey’s pants.
Boring: Pssh, please. Max Monroe doesn’t do boring.
Short: Prior to reading, prepare yourself for one huge, long, thickbook.

Quinn Bailey. Quarterback of the New York Mavericks is flying home to Alabama for a few days family time before the new season starts.
On the plane he meets the most beautiful and fascinating and adorable woman he's ever seen. Catharine. Cat. She's a flight attendant. And Quinn is halfway in love before they even leave JFK.

But Cat is not really sure what to think of this mega-hottie who is constantly looking at her. And then he's also on the same train into Birmingham!!!! And they talk for hours and it's amazing. But then she finds out who he is. And such a famous guy could not really be interested in her, could he?


And the reader has an amazing time watching poor Quinn fight for his happily ever after with Cat, while also trying to take his team to the Super Bowl!

Eeeep - finally the start of a new Max Monroe series!
I already loved Quinn & Sean whenever we saw them in the Bad Boy Billionaire series! And now Quinn's got his own book!!! YAY!!!

And the book was amazing!
I looove football and football romances.
We're kind of more in airplanes than on the football field, but pfffft, it was still an amazing football romance!
It's so adorable how Cat doesn't know who he is and he just loves that.
Those two are so perfect for each other!
Quinn is such a great guy. I love how much he loves football and his fans and his teammates and his gay brother. He's so flirty and fun and sweet and poor Cat can't resist him for long!

This was such a funny and adorable romance - so full of sparks and the cutest conversations and texts and all that sexiness.... phew! But I also cried some tiny little tears here and there.
I just loved reading it!

WiLDCAT was such an amazingly adorable Airplane/Football Romance! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Quinn will be sold out in no time!!!

There's a tiny little thing I have to say I was a bit confused about. When I started reading, Cat seemed a bit mysterious. She is 24 and just started her job with the airline. What did she do the last six years? I expected some kind of secret, like an accident or a bad relationship or a stint in a psych ward. But in the end nothing about those years was mentioned. College was mentioned a couple of times, but still. It felt a bit weird. As if Max Monroe had a deeper story planned for her and then decided to not write about it.
Also - I HATE Quinn's parents!!! Horrible people! They need to grow up!

BUT, I still loved the story so much!!!! ☺

P.S. I loved Quinn's brother Denver!!!!!! He needs his own story btw!!!!!

Can't wait to read book #2 now!

ARC received for an honest review

A new Max Monroe series, woohoo!
It seems like forever since the BBB series ended, and even though it is not that long, I have been impatiently awaiting the Mavericks.  If you have read the Billionaire Bad Boys, you will have briefly met two of the main players in this book, Quinn and Sean (Sean is Cassie's brother)

Now, as I started reading, I did get the RK Lilley/In Flight series vibe - that's just be the first class plane action though, the gay best friend, all the flying.  And it is a good vibe to have.

I loved that Cat doesn't know who Quinn is.  I love all the ways that Quinn goes out of his way to see her.  I love the spark and the lust between the pair, and being taken on the journey as they fall in love.

I hate hate hate Quinn's parents, and want to hit them both with my Kindle.

I couldn't help but smile - most of the time - as I as reading.  There were a couple of sad moments that had me all upset along with the characters.

Just loved it.

Now I need Sean, and I need Denver's stories - stat!

I know we don't have long to wait, bit I am impatient and don't like being kept waiting!

Bring them on MaxMonroe!

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#2 – PICK SIX – 8 May 2018

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a new four book series of Romantic Comedy standalones.

Pick Six: A term used when a quarterback throws an interception and a defensive player returns it for a touchdown, resulting in six points.

Pick(ing) Six: An event where a dual threat, man-wh*ring baller meets his match.

Sean Phillips is one of the biggest dual assets for the New York Mavericks. Often playing positions on both sides of the ball, on the field, he can handle almost anything.

But he’s never been up against Six Malone.

Will it be a last minute Pick Six that seals his fate?

#3 – TRICK PLAY – 14 August 2018

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a new four book series of Romantic Comedy standalones.

Trick Play: A football play that uses unorthodox tactics to fool the opposing team.

Playing Trix: A method employed by a bad*ss woman to bring someone down.

Cameron Mitchell’s strong presence as tight end makes him one of the New York Mavericks’ key players. He is a man that can’t be outsmarted or outmatched.

But Lana Simone has more than the usual plays in her book.

Can Cam go the distance when a different kind of pressure is on?

#4 – 4th & GIRL - 20 November 2018

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a new four book series of Romantic Comedy standalones.

4th & Goal: A term used when the offensive team is on its final down and the goal line is the line to reach.

4th & Girl: A story where time is almost up, and the girl of his dreams is just barely out of reach.

Leo Landry, first Round draft pick and the New York Mavericks newest starting cornerback, uses grit, concentration, and sheer determination to make his difference on the field.

But the mysterious girl of his dreams might be enough to break his cocky confidence.

Will Leo prevail with a last minute 4th & Girl?


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Book #1 in the Twisted Fairytales series:

—Two established romance authors join forces to bring you more books and stuff. Together.—
Two men, two women, or, perhaps, one of each. Everyone is asking—Who is Max Monroe?
Hell, we could even be Colleen Hoover.
You decide.

Disclaimer: Yeah, we’re not Colleen Hoover.