Wednesday 15 November 2017

♫ Fortune ♫ Lauren K McKellar ♫

Grace Storey cant wait to escape her small-town chaos and head for the big city for three main reasons: Work. Better cell-phone service. And the prospect of meeting her very own Prince Charming. After all, when the guy you crushed on since high school turns out to be a psychopath, and the only viable alternative is Creepy Keith, you need to take drastic measures to ensure life as a crazy cat lady is not in your future.
What she doesn't need is a bad-boy musician with a penchant for getting under her skin. Sex, drugs and rock n roll are the last things on her mind.

Darcy Fortune has three things on his mind: Sex. Drugs. And rock n roll (in that order). Its how it has to be to keep the pain from his past at bay. After all, when youve hurt someone you love, its easier to numb the pain to keep on surviving. Easier to turn off your feelings than face the cold, harsh truth.
What he doesnt expect is the sassy reporter with so much soul in her eyes. Could this woman be the one who breaks him?

Staying in control has never been as dangerous as this.


ARC received for an honest review

We've all had that daydream of our favourite rock star seeing us, falling in love an whisking us away on tour with them, right?  Or is that just me?

When country girl Grace Storey moves to Sydney to start a new life, the most important things are finding a job and an apartment.  After a real comedy of errors of a first day, the last thing she expects is Darcy.

Darcy Fortune, world renowned rock star, rock whore and bad boy.  Sigh. He is all kinds of swoony with that arrogance that you hate but love at the same time.

The chemistry between our lovelies is off the charts.  You can't help but fall in love along with them as they take on the world.  I love the fake-to-realness of their relationship.  Sure they are thrown together, but their relationship grows organically, doesn't feel rushed at all.

Grace is very relatable.  Her issues are (mostly) regular girl issues, it's not all rainbows and unicorns in her world.

My heart ached for Darcy, I wanted to get violent on some people and slap them with my Kindle.  But most of all, I had hope for Grace and Darcy as they forged their way to a real relationship.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sydney settings.  It is my home city, and it was great to be able to picture places as I was reading.

And Aussies - I loved that every 15 year old's sneaky alcoholic drink Passion Pop got a mention!

It haven't read a Lauren K McKellar book in a while, however Fortune has made me want to go back and read the books I have waiting on my kindle.

Fun, sweet and flirty, Fortune was a wonderful way to spend my night.

Can't wait to see what she brings us next.