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❁ The Golden Locket ❁ Primula Bond ❁ REVIEW ❁

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• release date: 
ebook: 21 November - Paperback: 19 December 2013
 • 400 pages
Unbreakable Trilogy #2
Book #3 - The Diamond Ring will be out 22 May 2014

Immerse Yourself in an Elegant Erotic Love Story

Praise for The Silver Chain, Book One in the UnbreakableTrilogy:

Exciting and dripping with drama, Serena and Gustav's passionate journey is one readers won't forget… after finishing this story fans will be begging for the second instalment.’
(Romantic Times Book Reviews)

‘I enjoyed The Silver Chain for its lush, poetically descriptive prose as well as the slow, sensual burn that ignited within the first pages and teased me along until the very end.’
(Literary Vixens)

 ‘Amazingly different erotic romance. I really loved the book.’
(BJ’s Book Blog)

5 Stars

Following a romp to number 19 in the Sunday Times Bestseller chart, Gustav and Serena are back in The Golden Locket, the second book in the Unbreakable Trilogy.

Ensconced in their Manhattan penthouse, all seems blissfully happy for Gustav and Serena. Still in the first flush of love, they have every satisfaction they could need.

But as they enjoy their New York pleasure ground, ghosts start to emerge from Gustav’s past, and when his damaged younger brother, Pierre, comes back into his life, he brings with him a dangerous threat.

With temptation waiting at every turn, can Gustav and Serena survive all the excitement that the Big Apple holds?


About the story...

After Serena agreed to accompany Gustav to New York at the End of
The Silver Chain
, we now find oursevles in Manhattan.

It's New Year's Eve.

"This is going to be a fabulous year, Serena Folkes."

Serena is thinking back on what happened these last days

 "This is the first day of the rest of our lives, girl."

- and to what happened on their last day in London.

Remember? When we left Serena & Gustav in book #1 they were on their way to pack their bags and fly to New York, but first they went to the Gallery where we met - PLEASE DO NOT KEEP ON READING IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK!!!!!

We met Pierre! Gustav's long lost little brother. He's the new boyfriend that Serena's cousin Polly has been with for a while now! OMG I was sooo shocked at the end of The Silver Chain!!! Pierre!

Gustav and Pierre hadn't spoken in FIVE years and now here he is!!!

Lots of things happend all those years ago - we heard most of it in book #1, but we'll hear a lot more now. How Pierre saw it - how Gustav saw it. 

And of course we hear a lot about Gustav's Ex-Wife Margot. The b***h  ☺☺☺
On that night 5 years ago she seduced the young Pierre, took the family heirloom-jewels and the poor boy with her and disappeared!

She told Pierre soo many lies that he stopped worshipping his big brother and started hating him.

Well - the story of Gustav, Pierre & Margot is a really big part of this book. And poor Serena is right in the middle of it all, because Pierre seems a bit too interested in her and Serena is a tiny bit attracted to him too.

Not everything is about the Levi's of course.
Serena is in New York City now - she wants to become a famous photographer!!

And with the help of her lover she has landed her first commissions.

The first one: shooting pictures of a billionaire housewife...
Not as easy as it sounds - turns out the über-rich european couple is extremely kinky. They start making out in front of Serena's camera and they don't stop there ☺ They even want to convince Serena to join them. But Serena doesn't want to betray Gustav like that.

But Gustav knows his darling girl better than she knows herself.
He knows she needs this - she needs her voyerism and he wants her to experiment new kinky things... well, he doesn't really want it - but he thinks that she needs it - she's so young - has so much yet to experience and he hopes with letting her experiment a bit she will be happier with him.

 "My little country bumpkin. What's happened to her?"

The book might also take us to another city ☺ 

but that's it - I'm not telling you anything more...


 I can't tell you, of course ☺
I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure ☺

BUT - since there will be a third book - there probably won't be a HEA - YET ☺☺☺
There are still many questions and secrets left to talk about ☺




I really loved the first book in the series - and with this horrible cliffhanger-ending I was sooooo looking forward to this second book!!
And it didn't disappoint at all!

I think I even loved it a bit more than the first one!!

There were so many interesting moments in this book.
So many deeply erotic scenes.

There's not all that much really explicitly described sex between Gustav and Serena (doesn't mean there is NO sex between them!!!)
but there are soooo many sexy scenes!!! Gustav & Serena. Serana & other people with Gustav watching, or not watching ;) .
The whole book has this deeply erotic vibe without having a sex scene on every other page!

Serena and Gustav are so adorably in love - after everything that happened in book #1 - that's really nice to see.
But Serena is drawn to so many other things, other men/women ...she has so much sexual energy in her.
She doesn't want to leave or hurt Gustav but she sure does experiment a lot ☺

The whole story about Margot and Gustav and Pierre's past is this constant suspensy cloud hanging over this book.
I couldn't put it down - or if I had to go do something else for a while, I couldn't stop thinking about the book.
I NEEDED to know what would happen. And of course, I needed to know if Margot will ever show up again.
We - the reader - hate her so much. Well, at least I did ☺ I didn't want her to come between G+S!!!
She's caused enough trouble already - without having been there at all!!

Normally I'm not a fan of girl on girl sexiness - well, I'm still not a fan - but it didn't bother me all that much in here. It somehow needs to be in this book. Serena needs all that experimenting.

I also love how Primula describes things. Like, when we're in Venice, I could almost smell the oregano and the fish and the rain ☺ I was right there with them!!!

The end didn't shock me as much as the end of book 1 did - but it still leaves lots of questions open ... and there are still all those secrets.

I sooo want  Serena and Gustav to get their happy ever after!

Ahem - and going by the title of book#3 - THE DIAMOND RING ??? ☺ I have very high hopes!!!!

(The title of this book - The Golden Locket - plays a big part again - like it did with The Silver Chain. Those 2 things are actual pieces that Gustav gives Serena as gifts and to bind her to him.)

I totally recommend this book (this whole series) to readers who love a great, deeply erotic, moving & gripping Love Story!

You might even shed some tears - at least I did ☺

GRRRRR now I can't wait for book #3 to come out!!!! 
Tomorrow would be nice Mrs. Bond ☺

Were there a few things I didn't like? Hm can't think of anything ☺
For some people there might be too many words in this book ☺ It's not one of those 250 pages -  fast-reading new adult romance thingies. It's a real book!!!!

 I really loved it.





Primula Bond’s career in erotic fiction began twenty years ago when she was rejected by Mills and Boon for being too explicit. She has been writing erotic short stories and novels ever since. She has now returned to her romantic roots with a sophisticated trilogy which captivates the reader with what Primula describes as the ‘good, old-fashioned love story’ it has at its erotic heart. Oxford-educated, Primula Bond lives in Hampshire where she works as a legal secretary and is married with three sons.