Saturday 21 November 2020

❤ Charming Co-worker ❤ Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette ❤


Release date: 23rd November 2020

 All I want for Christmas is Branson Ford.

I’ve been starry-eyed for my handsome boss since the day I started working for him at Empire Media. Problem is, he doesn’t see me as anything more than his sweet assistant.

I need help becoming a vixen. I need someone to teach me how to be sensual, how to be desired, and how to get the man I’ve pined over for the last two years. So, I enlist the help of my co-worker.

My very sexy, very charming co-worker, Hunter Johnstone.

Hunter loves the thrill of the chase. He’s spontaneous, honest, and just the man I need for a lesson in passion. When he suggests we start a fake relationship, I think he’s crazy, but who am I to question his jealousy-inducing ways?

His little trick works—maybe too well. The line between friends and lovers is blurred, but maybe that’s because it was never really there. And just as I’m about to start seeing clearly, my Christmas wish comes true


ARC received from authors for an honest review

 Charming Co-worker is a sweet, kind of Hallmark cheesy, but utterly adorable tale, one that is just perfect for Christmas

 Runow and Colette give us a wonderful tale that will make you smile and light up like a Christmas tree. 

It's a tale we have read many times before - kind of gave me a Bridget Jones vibe.  Well, with a fake relationship thrown in for fun. 

Hunter is just wonderful (plus, that cover, with the shirt sleeves rolled up?  Yeah, that is my kryptonite I tell you!)

I love how punny this book is.  I love a good pun, and Katie is a master at them.  You can't help but smile whenever she is on the page.

 Charming Co-worker was the perfect book to get me through this stupid head cold I have (yes, I am a whiney one today hahah).

 I can't wait for the next instalment in this series.




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