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✪ KiSS THE STARS ✪ AL Jackson ✪ #BleedingStarsSpinOff ✪

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• 5 March 2020
• standalone #BleedingStars Spin-Off
• Book #1/2 in the new #FallingStars Series
• Cover Model: Chase Mattson

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A Falling Stars standalone novel from NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson . . .

A single mother.
An up-and-coming drummer with a sordid past.
Their paths never should have crossed.
But when a senseless crime rocks Mia West’s entire world, she agrees to spend the summer hiding out at her rock-star brother’s mansion in Savannah until the storm blows over.
What she never expected was the gorgeous, brooding drummer living in the guest house.
His darkness a lure.
His gaze a trap.
She knows better than to go after what will hurt her most.
Leif Godwin has two focuses in his life: his band, Carolina George, and seeking retribution for what was stolen from him.
Mia was never supposed to be a part of the equation.
Her eyes an appeal.
Her body a temptation.
Touching her is nothing but a sin.
But will loving her destroy them all . . .

We all remember Lyric and his band Sunder from the Bleeding Stars series!
This book is about his sister Mia. A single mom with a bit of a sad and mysterious past.
She's now moving into Lyric's house in Savannah for the summer - to get away from bad people/things? in Los Angeles!
And who is living on the other side of the pool? Leif. The drummer of the up and coming country band Carolina George. He's staying for the summer too - because Lyric's band needs him on drums for the new album!

Two people with über-insta-attraction and mysterious, sad and heartbreaking pasts ... and danger following them?
Let the fun times begin... ☺

What will happen to Mia & Leif?
Will we get a HEA?


My absolute favorite kind of romance!
Unfortunately (sorry - rant coming!) AL Jackson's books are not my favorite kinds of books. Ever since reading the first Bleeding Stars book - I have hated her writing style. But I kept on reading, because! Rock-Star-Romances! ☺
I just don't get why she writes like that. She leaves out every first word in almost every sentence. No 'I's - no 'THE's et cetera ... why??? It just sounds ridiculous and stupid. I could live with one person talking like that...but it's alll of them. And I don't get why no editor has ever told her to stop doing that. But that's only one thing about her writing. The worst, but only one. The other thing I don't like. She tries too hard to sound poetic. All those 1-4 word sentences. And other weird lines. It's soo hard to read her books. Nothing flows. My brain just can't and doesn't want to read those too short/too long & über-wordy/über-poetic sentences. At least 40% of the book could be cut and nothing about the story would be lost! I force myself through these books, because the stories are pretty good and in this case again ... a ROCK STAR ROMANCE! But I just don't like reading her books. And I get that it's probably just me who is having those weird problems with her writing. So - don't worry too much about my weird review! ☺ Even though I just found out that my blogpartner J. DNF'd the book because of the weird writing style! I kept on reading - even though I started to fast forward and only read the conversations after 30% or so.

The story was cute. Rock Stars. Funny moments. Adorable family moments. Lots of exciting and mysterious and dangerous moments.
The mysterious parts were also a bit ridiculous. Not what actually happened to Leif and Mia. But the first 20% of the book - we get 'teased' that bad stuff happened to them...twice on every page. Ugh. I wanted to throw the kindle out the next window. Just tell us!!!! Or don't say anything. But mentioning that something happened constantly and not saying what? Ridiculous. Too much. Too often.

I kinda have the feeling that I'm ruining this book for many potential readers. But I can't help that I have my weird reading likes and dislikes. And it wasn't all bad.
Like I said - the story was really rock-stary and heartbreaking. It was a really good Romantic Rock Star Suspense Novel.
Great cast - who all forget to say the first words of their sentences - but still a great group of people!
☺ But I doubt that I will read any more books in this series or by this author. Sorry.

KiSS THE STARS was a great Romantic Suspense Rock Star Novel! Funny, Exciting, Dangerous, Mysterious, Sparky, Heartbreaking ... with a bit of a 'you-have-to-get-used-to-it' writing style! ☺

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, and BLEEDING STARS novels.

HOLD ON TO HOPE is her latest. A best friends-to-lovers romance that will leave you begging for more!

Keep an eye out for her upcoming novel Kiss the Stars coming March 5th!

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.