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• 6 November 2018
• 320 pages
• 2nd Dirty Duet #2

• our ► review ◄ of book #1

• The third duet - about Dylan - is being released in chapters via Laurelin's newsletter! The real books Sweet Liar & Sweet Faith will be out in Spring 2019!

4.75 Stars

A sham marriage to an infamous playboy - what could possibly go wrong? Don't miss the breathtaking, high-stakes conclusion to the Dirty Games duet by New York Times bestselling author Laurelin Paige!

Their union started with a simple plan: to fake a marriage that would allow Elizabeth to take over her father's company and merge it with Weston's holdings, creating a vast media empire. But what began as a pretend marriage has become all too real....

Now a bombshell about Weston's past is keeping him rooted at home while Elizabeth must travel across the globe to take up the company reigns. But their intense connection could bring the entire game crashing down as they're forced to choose power and family...or the love of a lifetime.

The conclusion to Dirty Sexy Player, the highly anticipated spin-off duet of Dirty Filthy Rich Men.

ARC received for an honest review

I have terrible bookzheimers's so I had forgotten what happened at the end of the first part of this duet - however it didn't take me long to remember where the story was going.

After their marriage, when things should be starting to settle down and their sham relationship is becoming real - spanners are thrown in the works and life is not going to be as easy as they thought it might.

Oh, how I love the sexual tension between Elizabeth and Weston.  And ooh la laaa those sexy times 🔥🔥

But ugh - why didn't they talk things out when they happen?  We all know that this non-communicado thing always causes issues, and I wanted to slap some sense into Weston!

A character that I didn't particularly like in the first part of the duet I came round to liking - I guess all is not as it seems at times.

Our lovelies do really fight for the HEA, and I for one was glad to be taken on that journey with them.

I can't wait to see what Ms Paige brings us next.

Please read the first book(s) in this series/duet first if you haven't yet!

Elizabeth and Weston just realized - after they got married - that they won't be able to move to France together. Wes just found out he has a son - which he hasn't told Elizabeth yet. He can't move away now. But Elizabeth's whole life and her company are in France. What to do?
Plus her ex is sniffing around and her cousin is still not 100% sure of the realness of this marriage.
Lots of stuff to figure out until those two can ride off into their Happily Ever After sunset!

What will happen with Elizabeth & Wes?
Will we finally get our Happy End???

But also.. ugh. Why didn't Wes tell Elizabeth about his son the moment he found out? Keeping secrets is never the right thing to do! But of course he will tell her - or does it come out in another way? Who knows. And the boy is not the only 'problem' the newlyweds have to fight through - even though the whole book is basically about the new son, new and old fathers, Wes and Elizabeth's work and sexy times! LOL!
I really enjoyed reading this second book. I even cried a bit here and there!

I hate that it took so long for the book to be released - I suffer from book alzheimers - how in the world was I supposed to remember what had happened in book 1??? I remembered little pieces but not enough! I wish every author who writes a series would be required by law to put an amazing little summary of the first book in the first pages of the second one.☺
But anyway - I really liked this book. It was very sexy and funny and adorable and a bit heartbreaking and sad and moving. Wes is the most adorable daddy! And I really loved how it all turned out in the end! ♥

Tiny little thing. The cover. The new one has this girl on it - me no likey! I loved the first try with the half-naked guy. This girl has the right hair color, but she isn't my Elizabeth at all. The cover girl looks like an office dominatrix person. ☺

DIRTY SEXY GAMES was a very sexy and adorable finale in this duet! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Weston will be sold out in no time!


As soon as we were in our suite, the bomb exploded, the bomb being Elizabeth. “We’re alone now, so just tell me straight. You knew I was always going to France. If you wanted to be with me, you had to know it would involve living there. Is that not something you’ll even consider? Is it Sabrina? Is it Reach? Is it Donovan? Because if it’s fucking Donovan who’s keeping you from—”

I grabbed her hands, which were flying in midair as she yelled, and pulled them behind her back at her waist as I cut her off with a searing kiss, my tongue plunging into her open mouth, robbing her of oxygen.

When she was thoroughly kissed, her lips pliable, her body sagging in my arms, I let her go.

“I’m tired, Elizabeth. I’m not discussing fucking anything tonight.” I took off my tuxedo jacket and threw it on the desk. Then I began working on my cufflinks. “What I think we both need now is to release some tension.”

Her spine straightened, her neck growing longer as she stared at me in shock. “You think we’re going to have sex now?”

I loved how she made it sound disgusting, like she wasn’t interested, even when I’d just been kissing her and had felt the lean in her body, had tasted the desire in her mouth.

Two could play the indifference game.
I shrugged. “I’m fucking someone tonight. If you want it to be you, you better take off your dress.”

Her mouth slammed shut, and she only seemed to consider it for two seconds before she was fumbling with the zipper at her back. She struggled with it, but I didn’t help her. It made me stiff to watch her frantically trying to strip down, just because I told her to. Just because she thought I might find a better offer if she didn’t.

Like there was a better offer than her.
Like there was anyone but her.

I didn’t take my eyes off her as I unbuttoned my vest and tossed it to the side with my jacket. I’d loosened my tie by the time she got her dress undone. It fell to the floor and she was left wearing a strapless corseted bra, one that had a low back so it couldn’t be seen with her dress on, and matching lace panties—both in a white ivory so virginal and bridal it seemed dirty.

Jesus, she was a fucking wet dream.
And she was my wife.


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