Monday 30 June 2014

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Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the
world at her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After
experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what's most important:
her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone
that one great, passionate love who values family as much as she does.

Cole Tierney loves his life. He has a wonderful family, a loyal best friend and a successful career as an ER doctor. The only downside is he wants someone to share it with. After being used and left heartbroken, he wants to find someone who will love him for him and not his or his family's status.

"Every beat my heart makes is for
you. Every time it beats faster it's because of you
because you're near me,
because of your smile
because you take my breath away."

Their two hearts collide by chance and an undeniable connection is quickly

But when others are plotting against their happiness, will their love flatline,
or will the rhythm of their hearts continue to beat as one?



 With our bodies aligned perfectly together, we dance; swaying along with the music as it changes and the start of “Heartbeat” by Enrique Iglesias penetrates through the room. This song is perfect because not only is my heart racing, but I can feel Cole’s beating wildly against my back. The lyrics speak volumes; Cole is already stealing my heart… I can feel it.
            So lost in the song, it takes me a second to realize that my hair has been pulled to the side and Cole’s lips are peppering soft wet kisses along my neck and shoulder.
            Goosebumps break out across my skin and desire ripples its way through my system. His touch is all-consuming and by God, I want and need to be consumed. “Grace,” he whispers as he kisses and licks my ear lobe. My body shudders in reaction and moves closer to him allowing contact with the very hard and impressive bulge that presses into my lower back.
            Dear God, is it normal to feel like this so soon after meeting someone?
            I turn in his arms without breaking contact and look directly into those bright blue eyes, which are heated and sparkling with desire. My gaze moves to his lips as his tongue trails across them and I lose all control. Throwing myself forward, I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and crash my lips to his.
            As everything around us fades away, Cole’s arms engulf my body completely so that there isn’t even a millimeter of space between us. His hungry lips assault mine and I can feel the need radiating off him in waves. Our lips part, our tongues meet and embrace, dancing with each other in the confines of our mouths.
            His taste is exquisite and his technique exceptional as he takes control of the kiss. I vaguely register his hands roaming my body as my fingers tangle further into his hair, pushing his head closer to mine. I don’t know how long we stand there so completely wrapped up in each other, but when we both pull back, our chests are heaving and our breathing labored.
            Cole leans forward and rests his forehead against mine. My eyes close as I relish the sweet gesture. “Most spectacular first kiss ever, Sweet Cheeks.”
My heart swells at the comment and his new name for me. I really like it. “I couldn’t agree with you more,” I simply reply, knowing I will always remember this moment forever.



Velvet Reed is the pen name of an avid book lover, reviewer and blogger
who has turned writer.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; she is a city girl at heart but loves the
laid back lifestyle of living in country New South Wales. Married to her first
and only love, she is a devoted mother of three who juggles her very active
children and their many extracurricular activities, working in the middle of
the night, running a blog, and writing.

Velvet's love of reading was realized only 3 short years ago after the death of
her amazing father. She used the escape into the fictional world to help her
through her grief and post natal depression, not releasing the great impact so
many talented authors would have on her life.




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Friday 27 June 2014

✪ Review ✪ Perfect Imperfections ✪ Cardeno C ✪


Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend. Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Accountant slash bartender slash adventure-seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and cant say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer: keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend.

Listening to music, traveling the world, and jumping off cliffs is fun. Falling in love is even better. But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim, Reg will need to help him realize there
s nothing pretend about their relationship

 Copy received from the author for an honest review

When the author asked if I was interested in reading Perfect Imperfections, I read the synopsis and jumped at the chance.  M/M and rock stars - two of my favourites at the moment - yes please!

Jeremy is Hollywood royalty, and as such is forever in the spotlight, whether it be for his career or his dating history.

Reg is a bartender at a dive bar in no place special.   The one night, a rock star walks into the bar... and the rest is history.

I am a bit over the "gay for you" which is how Perfect Imperfections kind of started out, but there was always that undercurrent with Jeremy that there was more than meets the eye, and as the story progressed we saw more of it.

For a rock star, Jeremy felt pretty tame and innocent for a rock star.  It was actually quite sweet, I don't know about you but I get a bit sick of the "he's a rock star-man whore-must always have dick in a chick" categorisation.  This was a nice change.

 I loved watching the "faux-lationship" between Reg and Jeremy grow.  I went from acquaintances to friendship to confusion to more as the story progressed.

Loved how Reg was with Jeremy.  Yes at first he was there to see the world while acting as Jeremy's "pretend" boyfriend, but there was always something more between them. 

Do Reg and Jeremy get the HEA?  Will Jeremy succumb to the pressures of Hollywood and keep his feelings and relationships a secret/

Nope, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

This is the first of Cardeno C's books that I have read, but I have already added a few more to my TBR list and to my Kindle.


Thursday 26 June 2014

✪ Review ✪ A Perfect Moment ✪ Becca Lee


Copy received from author for an honest review
I was not sure what to expect when I started reading A Perfect Moment, but from the minute I started, I was intrigued and hooked.

We all have that one friend sometime in our lives where our feelings cross from friendship to love, more often than not unrequited.  And this is a story where friends take that step and try for something more.

Ella was screwed over by her fianc` on what was supposed to be her perfect moment, her wedding day.  5 years down the track and she is still gunshy when it comes to love and relationships.

Preston is her best friend Jos baby brother.  Smokin hot surfer and fireman.

I just love love love Preston!  Having been harbouring his feelings for so long, he sees his chance to take things to the next step and goes for it, balls to the wall, take no prisoners.  Loved that he would not take no for an answer.  Sweet, sexy, funny.  There were some great LOL moments, particularly when it came to the MCs inner monologues.

Oh, and there might be some of this along the way too.....
 “I tried not to give away a facial tell when I realised that in my epiphany of Win El Over, I had grown a f*&king vagina.  Immediately Chesney Hawkes The One and Only played out in my head.  Definitely a vagina moment” - Preston

The sad things is, I am old enough to remember this song when it was first released lol.

I could understand Els reluctance to get involved with Preston, but I wanted to shake some sense into her, tell her to pull her head out of her butt and get on with life!
There are some fantastic secondary characters, especially Jo and Jackson.  Jo is the best friend every girl wantshell, every girl needs!  Bold and brassy, says whats on her mind, takes not crap from anybody.
There is also a bit of mystery/suspense thrown into the story, and though it is not hard to figure out who the perpetrator is, the why and what for was harder to get.
This is Ms Lees debut novel, and she certainly did not disappoint me.  I look forward to reading more of her work in the future!

Wednesday 25 June 2014

✪ Blog Tour ✪ Giveaway ✪ Blindfold Fantasy ✪ DL Roan ✪


Blindfold Fantasy ~ A Novel Ménage by D.L. Roan
A gigolo? To celebrate landing the job of her dreams, architect Jayne Simons best friend hired a golden-tanned, tattooed sex god to fulfill her blindfold fantasy. No! No way! How could she possibly do that with him when just looking at his picture makes her blush?
The last thing CEO of Silverland Industries, Devin Kirk, expects to find when he tracks down his troubled best friend in Vegas is an overbooked gigolo-in-training. What the hell was Blake thinking? Staring at Blakes new clients hotel room door, blindfold in hand, Devin is soon asking himself that same question. When he said hed do whatever it took to get Blake to take over his new project, visually impaired sex-for-hire was not in the plan. Neither was having the best night of his life with a woman he would never see.
The sooner Blake gets Devins new project off the ground, the sooner he can return to the land of fast booze and faster women and forget all the reasons he left L.A. in the first place. Thats if he survives Devins demon-spawned sister, a corporate spy and an unyielding hunger for SIs newest architect.
WARNING: Blindfold Fantasy is a MFM erotic ménage romance containing sensual sex scenes that will scorch your Kindle, two-yes two-angsty sex gods who throw around the "F-word" a little more than is socially acceptable for some sensitive readers. If you can't handle the heat, please stay out of the kitchen...the back seat...the office with a viewthe... Yeah, you get the picture.

ARC received for an honest review

I have been a fan of Ms Roan's work since I first got my hands on Second Chance, and I have been eagerly awaiting Blindfold Fantasy.

And it was definitely worth the wait!!

In an effort to get her out of her rut of boring men and boring sex, Roxy takes Jayne to Vegas for a weekend of living it up.  Never did she know that she would be changing Jayne's life forever.

Jayne has always had a fantasy of sex with a stranger,  blindfolded, her "blindfold fantasy".  And she gets it, as much as it is so completely opposite of her normal behaviour.  Besides, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?  Or does it?

Devin hasn't been the same since that night.  He has searched high and low for the girl from that one perfect night to no avail.

Devin's best friend Blake has heard all about Devin's search for his girl, but he is more interested in the girl in front of him.

What will happen when all three world's collide.  There is one word for what happens:


I loved the interactions between Jayne and Blake, Jayne and Devin, but most of all between Jayne, Blake and Devin together (or JaBlevin as I have taken to calling them!!)
The sexual chemistry between all three is off the charts.  There were times where I both loved and hated all characters, either one at a time or all at the same time.   I was waiting for Blake and Devin to come to blows over Jayne, I was waiting for Jayne to tell them both to forget it.  

And hey, if you said forget it, I would have jumped in to be the meat in the Blake Devin sandwich... Jayne/Janeane,.... same thing right?!?

Besides all the hotness of the trio, there are some great (and not so great) secondary characters.  Love Jayne's best friend Roxie to bits.  She has a smart ass attitude and the mouth to go with hit.  She gives Jayne what for at times but she is also her biggest supporter.  And I love the way she talks to and about the boys!

There there is Mallory - hissss!!!!  Won't tell you much about her but gees she is a cow!  There was not one time whilst reading that I liked her!  And as for her and Devin's mother - yeah, go away woman!

Blindfold Fantasy has a bit of everything.  It is sweet, sexy, hot.  But there is a bit of mystery and intrigue too that had my guessing. 

Ms Roan made me want to be Jayne. She drew me into their world and I didn't want to leave!  

Now, I wonder what she will bring us next?

So, youve been watching me, huh?

A deep blush flushed Jayne's cheeks. She fished for a response to his blatant flirt but came up empty handed. The intensity in his eyes stole her breath along with every word in her head.

I love it when you blush for me. He reached out and caressed her cheek, another deeper flush blooming beneath his fingertips. Dammit, why did she have to be so shy? She glanced nervously between him and the concrete steps. He was going to kiss her. She shouldnt let him do it, but she was going to. She craved him. She wanted more of him. The real him.

He pushed from the railing and towered over her, the ambient lighting reflecting in his eyes as he looked down into hers. Heat caressed her cheeks when he cupped them in his large, strong hands. Her breath hitched and she let out a startled whimper when he leaned in, nuzzling her temple instead of moving straight for her lips. A sudden and loud bouquet of laughter echoed off the buildings around them. She turned to see a young couple stumble up the first few stairs below them and stop, oblivious to their surroundings as they groped and fondled each other in the midst of their own passion-filled kiss.

Jayne turned and covered her surprised gasp with her hand. Things between the couple below escalated quickly. The guy pushed the girl up against the shoulder-high wall, hitching her leg over his hip as he ground himself against her and deepened their kiss. Jayne shielded her eyes and turned away. We should leave, she whispered.

Blake pulled her into a dark corner of the patio and turned them back to see the couple. Her blood sang with excitement responding to the feel of his arms around her. The only way out is down those stairs, he reminded her. Oh, God, he was right. They were stuck. He bent to whisper in her ear. Look at them, Jayne. Look how lost they are in each others touch. The slow, seductive tone in his voice was different than she remembered. There was a genuine excitement that crackled in the air around them as he spoke, sending a shiver racing through her body. Her heart galloped in her chest as she suddenly found herself inside a reality version of the fantasy world hed weaved for her before.

Her breath hitched again in surprise when Blake wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him, keeping his eyes on the couple below. Oh yeah, look at that. He rested his chin on her shoulder and gestured to the lovers. The woman fumbled with his belt before she unzipped the mans pants and cupped his erection. Heavy need robbed Jayne of her next breath, the unmistakable feel of Blakes rigid erection pressing hard against her backside.

The sensible side of her was screaming for her to stop him. It didnt matter that she didnt want to stop. He was her boss. If she continued, she was playing with fire when it came to her career.

This is wrong. We shouldnt be here, Jayne panted, but she couldnt turn away from the sight below. Her chest ached with the effort it took to drag in each shallow, ragged breath. Eyes slamming closed, her hands flew to his wrists when his fingers clenched her hips and pulled her even closer. When she opened her eyes all she could see was the couple below. The man dipped his head and suckled the womans nipple through her shirt. Jayne almost cried out as her own nipples pebbled to painful peaks beneath her shirt.

Have you ever been so aroused you lost the world around you, Jayne? So much so, no one existed but you and your lover?

Only with you. Was this really happening? She floated between reality and fantasy, the line between the two blurring beyond recognition. The sound of his voice was like a tether, the only thing that kept her from drifting away into the bliss shed craved since the morning she woke up alone in Vegas. He dragged in a long breath and hummed against her ear. Uncontrolled shudders rolled through her body when he took her earlobe between his teeth and closed his lips around it in an intimate kiss.

Yes, she gasped, her head falling back against his chest. Her fingers released their grip on his wrists, sliding down to tangle frantically with his at her hips to anchor herself in his stimulating touch.

Thats where they are, Jaynie, lost in themselves; lost to the passion coursing between their bodies. The woman dropped to her knees in front of the man and Jayne felt Blakes hips jerk against her. His raw, tortured growl raked over her skin as she watched the woman take the man into her mouth, the mans arms bracing against the wall, his head thrown back in a silent cry of ecstasy. Blakes grip on her hips tightened, his erection grinding harder against her. Do you feel it, Jayne?

Yes! Yes she felt it!

Meet The Author

Contemporary Erotic Romance Author of super sexy, Alpha-licious novels.

After years of schlepping for the corporate world in an endless rotation of tasteless cube farms and cold coffee, DL Roan decided to give a little attention to the sexy voices inside her head and begin anew. Whether it's menage, action-adventure, passion-filled suspense, sexy cowboys, assassins or angels, DL's novels are sure to keep you on the edge of the page reading long into the night.

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